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    I admit to overlooking the sticky. I am an artist in a collection of mediums. I like Punk and Gothic fashion but not as much as I like intellect and understanding. I've come here mainly to occasionally post music I find relevant to Goth rock, darkwave, or 80's revival.

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    Coo'. Welcome.

    Sounds to me like you'd be holding out on us in restricting your posts here to song drops. Why don't you show us some of your work?

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    I've moved so many times I'm not so sure anymore.

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    Welcome. I would like to see some of your work as well.

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    Here's my literary blog. Inside is the rough draft for a Literary Nonsense/Fantasy novel I've been working on since 2008 called Vibrant Night. I plan to finish the book this year, and both sell and post it online for free.

    This is last song I've done which is more of a hobby:

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    S'a bit late to start reading right now, but I like your choice of genre.

    Song's not bad either; somewhat atmospheric without being annoying. Which may not sound like much of a compliment, but does put it somewhere in the top twenty percent of my musical appreciations.

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    Thanks. I've been slowly getting inspired by the Valerie Collective.

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