I wanted to throw together a collection of music with sounds from the Valerie Collective or similar to it, 80's-esque electro, which I got obsessed with starting with hearing the Pacer song from Hobo With A Shotgun. This music has a lot of escapist and cinematic appeal to me, and makes me think of different aspects of the 80's like bodybuilding, neon lights, computers, fast cars, punks, sunglasses, and arcades; as well as how these relate to the present day.

Press Start

We Plants Are Happy Plants - Apollo
The Outrunners - Diamonds
Judge Bitch - Pacer (Hobo With a Shotgun Soundtrack)
College - Teenage Color
Russ Chimes - Revenge
Danger - 4h30
FM Attack - Sleepless Nights
Redial - Dead Rising
Le Prix - This Is Fiction (Sferro Remix)
Kavinsky - 1986
Gatekeeper - Chains
Flashworx - Sandra Was Great
Jungle Fiction - Transhuman