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Thread: Crossed: Wish You Were Here

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    For those of you who (a) still miss Warren Ellis' weekly webcomic Freakangels, and (b) think the image of a terminal psychotic skullfucking a dolphin is a droll one, the nice folks at Avatar have finally started running Crossed: Wish You Were Here. It's a long-form serialized story set in the world previously explored in Garth Ennis' Crossed books, in which civilization has been destroyed by a mysterious pandemic that turns humans...
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    A comic about a guro-zombie apocalypse?

    Sounds hot. I'll follow this for a while, see where it goes. Thanks!

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    Fuck yeah it's hot.

    I like me some post-apocalyptic survival play, but if the world ended like that my only priority would be to catch in one one piece so as to get the most out of the initial outbreak orgies.

    It normally takes quite a lot of drugs to get to that state. You can only do it once every so often, and then it only lasts a few hours, and you have to be lucky to have someone who wants to play during that time. I envy those zombies.

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    Default Re: Crossed: Wish You Were Here

    This looks pretty good

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