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Thread: Back from New Orleans

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    Default Back from New Orleans

    This past week has been a rollercoaster for millions. When a group of us went and headed to New Orleans to help with things in one of our favorite cities we got the OK from RedCross to come down. In the middle of Mississippi we got word that the 17th street levee had busted..flooding the town of New Orleans. So we continued down..we were almost there.. we had to find an alternate route because we knew that I-10 was closed. So we had to head towards baton rouge. As we got there we heard reports of the looting and gunfire being strewn about. Cops being shot at..1 shot in the head. He lived though. Snipers holding a group of people inside a hospital without power.
    People shooting rescue copters and boats. This is not the New Orleans I remember. Most of the media reports I've heard are hyping up that nothing good ever came out of New Orleans...its just a bunch of black people. Does the media not realize that the hurricane literally flew through the "projects" of mississippi? The flood waters in New Orleans mostly cleared out the ghetto part only.. the french quarter was not touched until recently when fires broke out.
    By the time We reached baton rouge all hotels from there to san antonio and north up to memphis were all full. No vacancy. Saw people sleeping in roads..or maybe they were part of the dead. The stench of the place was horrid. Sewage, dead bodies, gas, lake water...
    Anywho We finally found a hotel out on the Outskirts of LA in Lake Charles..it was a little known hotel in the middle of the woods area. So all in all just letting everybody know im back..and that redcross told me i couldnt help (haha how fucked is that after they told me i could?) so we were stranded for about a week trying to help people...when only we got ourselves into a mess we needed help with.

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    Welcome Back!

    That sounds lame. So what did you do all day long?

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    Well since redcross said there was nothing we could do and most of New orleans didnt want to be saved and die with their homes.. we ended uplooking for homes in Lake Charles area.. which we found out that from new orleans - san antonio - memphis have all jacked up their rent prices because everybody needs a home now.. so a house for 700 a month in the paper ..we called and they said it would be 1175$ a month...price gouging is more than just oil here!

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    That's fucking ridiculous! That sort of profiteering is absolutly shamefull. Those fucking cunts are the ones I wish would have had their shit ruined.

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    According to my husband, Red Cross isn't allowed in alot of areas now, and most of the crew members on the boat aren't allowed to get off the boat, so they're sitting dead in the water for no reason.

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    Theres a lot of behind the scenes shit i saw there that isnt in the news. Everything from price gouging homes to denying evacuee's a place to go sleep in a casino hotel *ahem sheraton* because they looked a little scraggly..wouldnt you look scraggly too if you just survived a hurricane and lived on your rooftop for a night? shit. i was about to raise hell in baton rouge because of that.. nope you cant come in.. no rooms left.. oh a VIP is here...yes we have a room availible for you! Although there is one casino/hotel that i know of that actually took evacuess in for a while.. its called the Luburge du Lac casino ( i might have misspelled the name) but they are a 5 star hotel/casino that helped everybody out.. least SOME people are not price gouging here.. i have too much to say on this topic in general from seeing it first hand. its fucking sick

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    Default Re: Back from New Orleans

    well at least your boat didn't spring a leak (see Sean Penn). glad you made it back ok.

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    heres an article from a lady who just got out as well...

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    Glad to see You are home safe Voldta, but I wonder if anyone has reported the housing price gouging to anyone, that seems to be as illegal as gas gouging

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