Stéfan le Dû is a Genius

The internet is generally, as Dave Chapelle called it, intolerable. But every once in a while, I come across something marvelous, which the internet has made possible. Earlier today, I saw an uncredited but awesome photo with a Star Wars Stormtrooper theme. I wish people would post proper attribution, but, using various image search tools, I was able to track down the artist. Yay! Photographer Stéfan le Dû spent a year photographing his action figures in entertaining tableaux. There is a smattering of Indiana Jones in there and a lot of Star Wars figures make appearances. But the Imperial Stormtroopers are the stars of his Star Wars imaginings. I especially love the Stormtrooper version of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. The Stormtroopers making a VC pitch to Darth Vader is inspired work. I mean, the white armored guys do have a point; the Death Star could mean clean renewable energy. The creative photographer uses figures ranging from new LEGO Fisher Price to classic action figure style. His riff on The Usual Suspects with the Wookie lineup makes cool use of the variety of Star Wars doll styles. Check out Stormtrooper365 for much much much more and the opportunity to buy prints to support the artist.


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