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Thread: Punk Bubble Bath

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    A while back, I asked the Blue Blood boards Have you ever been fired from a job? It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that most of our members are extremely talented and conscientious and hardworking, yet have personality, err, quirks which make it hard to always fit in at a job.

    I know my personal experience of working in other people's offices was that everyone...
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    Default Re: Punk Bubble Bath

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    Default Re: Punk Bubble Bath

    that was the best article I ever read on this site. seriously, that was rad.

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    interesting...........of course that kid crossed a definate line that he knew was there................don't care what he's capable of, he fucked up.

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    As Descartes famously said:

    The man who supports self-expression does not have butt fluff in his burger

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    i wanted to see the video but it got removed D:
    dammit. i always miss the good stuff.
    good read though!

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