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Thread: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

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    Default Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    I knew this entire family once that I think would have been perfect for a reality show BEFORE they ever had reality shows. The family consisted of a mom, dad, and 4 grown up sons who all lived in the same house.
    The father was a heroin addict who never injected...Only snorted it. He had a wild collection of all kinds of guns. At the same time he somehow was super righteous into family values, yet his family actually had none.
    The mom was a closet lesbian. Bull-dyke to the max. She owned a chinchilla.
    The oldest son was a flamin' homosexual (30 at the time)which all the other brothers hated because he was a flamer.
    The next son was a misery head (28 at the time)who ONLY went to work when his laywer sent him bills. If his lawyer sent him a bill, he'd work a few days at a factory to pay the bill and then wouldn't work again until his lawyer sent him another bill. The son had been arrested quite a few times on drug-related charges. He never had money, but somehow always had food to eat. One time his friend who worked at Hostess, got him a bunch of Hostess snack cakes which he lived off of for entire month. Breakfast, lunch and dinner...Hostess snack cakes. Of course the best part was he had a mouth of cavities and would always have suger shock which he took care of by injesting plenty of darvocets. How he even GOT the darvocets beats the shit out of me.
    The next two brothers were twins. The one twin (22 years old) spent all day working on jazzing up antique cars. He never would finish them, but would work on them all day. The front yard was full of them. He also never sold them. He ALSO didn't have a job, yet, like his 28 year old brother, somehow always had food to eat. It's like Easter Island. It was all a total fucking mystery how they always had food. The parents never fed them or gave them a dime. He had a mohawk. Was into skateboarding. And somehow, someway, had a hovercraft....Yet since this was L.I. and the suburbs, he never had a place to drive it. He'd turn it on in the middle of the street and just go around in circles with it.
    The other twin sold pot for moolah. He somehow considered himself a rastafareon(?) yet he also was a neo-nazi. Make any sense? Yeah, not to me either. He lived in the basement of the house and had blocks of pot all over the place but unless you had cash (brothers included) he wouldn't smoke with you. When his brothers did buy pot from him, he cheat them on the weight. A quarter was more like 1/8.
    The parents lived on the second floor of the house where NO ONE was allowed to go. The boys lived on the first floor(and like I said, one lived in the basement). The first floor looked like shit. Walls painted in the cheapest paint you could find. All the floors bare. Refrigerator was ALWAYS empty. Furniture all looked second hand and the T.V. was like 20 years old. One day we found out that both parents weren't Home (This like, never happened). So we snuck up to the 2nd floor where the parents lived. I was SHOCKED. It was like a super-expensive luxury palace on the second floor. Beautiful painted walls, fancy knick-knacks, crown-molding, beautiful wood floors...Even a fucking jacuzzi.

    I spent alot of time hanging out with this family and have a million stories. It's so much fuckin' nuttier than even I described here, yet it really is all true.

    So, who's the most fucked up people/persons you have known and why.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    the scariest guy i ever knew, was from when i was living in central worcester mass. he was white trash, but spent his adolescence hanging out with inner city gangs. he was a mix of a gangbanger, tough guy, and thief. he claimed to have been shot in the face at one point. his upper palate was all messed up, as were his teeth(he was hoping to one day have all his teeth pulled out and replaced with metal screw studs). he also had an assortment of scars on the rest of his body - knife wounds and at least one more gunshot. he once told me how his specialty was sneaking/breaking into someone's house while they were sleeping and holding them down in bed while others beat the crap out of the person. as well as knowing what it was like to curb stomp someone from experience.

    he had a long arrest record and had spent a good amount of time in jail or juvie. as a result, it was hard for him to find employment. when i met him, he was basicly living on the street or crashing at someone's house. to support himself, he would steal from anyone he could, usually the people who were putting him up or their housemates. he would rely on fear and intimidation to prevent people from calling the cops or accusing him of theft. he also was a pothead, and would sell it to support himself whenever able. if he was staying with a woman, he would commonly end up shacking up with them in exchange for a place to stay.

    after he turned 18, he enlisted in the navy. claimed to have had some navy seal or special ops training. only to have washed out or been kicked out. claimed to have killed a fellow cadet in a bar fight while drunk. was only convicted of manslaughter as it was supposedly self-defense.

    he staying with a few friends of mine for awhile, but i never let him sleep at my appartment. i didnt trust him enough to sleep with him in the house. felt i always had to keep an eye on him. during his stay, things would disappear from the house, often a small amount of money or something easily pawned off. we all suspected him, but were too afraid to say anything to his face. he would pass out on our couch and suddenly wake back up once everyone else had gone to sleep. that was when things would disappear the most. but it wasnt all bad as he would do th dishes and other chores while we napped. in his mind he was 'paying his way' to be able to stay with us.

    he got careless eventually. stole too much jewelry from one person and was the only one around when the rent money went missing. and i had caught him moving stealthily about the house after we had all gone to sleep. i had become suspicious after some of my meagar cash had vanished along with a good amount of weed. i had gone to sleep with everyone else - or at least shut my eyes and acted like i was sleeping. after that things between us changed.

    we eventually got together and compared notes as to what was going on. as a group of about 5-7 people we confronted him in a public place and stated our cases. we didnt so much accuse him as say that he was the most likely person responsible for the missing cash and items. and we told him that we were, quite frankly, scared to have him around. i got elected to be the spokesperson. he told me later that if it had been anyone besides me, he would have kicked the crap out of us, when we were next alone.

    he was soon phased out of our circle of friends, got a steady job and a free place to stay, until he could get back on his feet. eventually he began spending time with a recently divorced woman who had just filed for bankruptcy. it wasnt long until they had moved in together. a year or two later we learned that she was pregnant with his kid and they were discussing getting married. and i think that that is the scariest thing about this guy: that he is now both married and has children.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    one of my ex's previous gf's was the daughter of a skeezy stripper, working at the 24 hour titty bar and buffet out side of town, you know the kind of stereotype that gives girls like me a bad name. Her dad was a convicted arsonist/violent criminal. her favourite way to win a fight was to bang her head against the floor screaming till her opponent gave in just to make it stop.


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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?


    It's a close toss-up between my friend Drew's sister Allie, a fat-ass who lays around the house all day, refusing to get a job and whining at the household to do everything for her, while she forces her father to pay for her half of the rent by guilt-tripping him about not being there when she was little... *breathes* ... and who has now gotten pregnant by her allegedly-pedo and provenly-meth-recovering boyfriend and is apparently using the pregnancy as an excuse to be even lazier than usual...

    ... and...

    ... my most recent ex, who was Manager of the apartment complex where I lived with her and her son when she decided to embezzle over four grand from the place (or more perhaps; the amount goes up a little every time I hear the story from a new point of view), and not only spend the majority of the money on new things for herself rather than on her family's welfare, but also get caught, thereby getting us evicted from the complex and forcing her - OUR - son to change schools again. I should add that, shortly after we moved into our new place, she decided to have an affair with a woman from her new office... which bothered me significantly less than the fact that she would stay out until 2:30 a.m. or later without even bothering to call and let us, her family, know whether she was alive or dead.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    Gee... I've known pretty many fucked up people. All in different way though.

    Most creepy one would be one of my former Muay Thai coach. He's not fucked up in any way, but he seriously seems like a sociopath and pretty much immune to anything in the world. I've never seen him in pain or anything. I have never seen him really show any sympathy or emotional or anything beside either being bored with life or pissed off without acting like it. He just give off a very scary vibe without ever trying. We use to jokely say that even if he smile, he's still scary. I think this is why no one from his gym is scare of any body. I mean if you're getting your ass kicked and coached by somebody who seems to be invincible and god of fighting, it is hard as hell to be scared of anybody. One of the moment that scared me the most was when I once accidentally broke a piece on the ring, he yelled at me, I was paralyzed with fear. I swear he was gonna to torture me to death even though he has NEVER laid a hand on any of the students expect when sparring or training. Some poor guys have it worse, a couple has accidentally hit or kick him while doing pad works. They always say it seems like he just got pissed and threaten them instead of being in pain or stunned. They also say they were ready to run out of the gym and never return at that point.

    Other fucked up person I know is my long childhood friend. First friend I made when I moved to Las Vegas. He have 7 sisters and 3 brothers. His father passed away before he was born. One of the brother suicide when he was about 9. His mother work at Kmart and they live in a double wide motor home. Three of his sisters (two over 20) live with him. One have a boyfriend and three kids, other one have two kids (one was just few years younger than my friend). One of sister's boyfriend is a drug dealer. So imagine all people who keep coming in and out of the house at all hours while kids are all over the place and mother is rarely home and if she is, she lock herself in the bedroom.
    OH! Also it was VIOLENT as hell in there! Someone is always getting in fight, arguing, etc... I've spent a couple nights there and the longest there was no violence of some sort was probably about only four hours.
    When we were in high school, he found out he was gay, his mother basically disowned him. He moved to Ohio to live with his boyfriend he knew for only few months. This boyfriend basically turn out be abusive, forcing him to do things against his wills such as strip down naked and take a walk outside with him, force him to do sexually thing he doesnt want to, etc...
    Finally he somehow made a deal with his mother, so he moved back and move back in with his mother. But he didnt have bedroom any more, so he have to sleep on the floor in living room (yes people was there all of the time), get a job to help with rent and have to buy his own food, etc... while attending school.
    When he graduated, he was trying to attend college. So he end up get social secuirty income. His mother took all of it every month. He never finish college either.
    So yeah he was there until his mother passed away a couple years ago. When his mother passed away, they found out in the wills that the youngest child will inherit the house. Since he had a twin sister, they were in some bitter battle over it for about a year. Just as the case was about to close, somehow he got talked into give up 90% of the ownership to his sister. But in end they both each got 50% They sold the house for 140K. Less a year afterward, he is broke once again. He basically threw away all moneys on all kind of stupid unnecessary craps.
    This is just a scratch of the surface.

    Other fucked up person I've known include:

    A good friend of mine in high school who had four kids with three different mothers in three different states before he even graduated. Last I heard of, he had fifth kids with fourth mother in fourth state! This was about 3 years ago (he graduated in 2003)

    Very control freak teacher who would try EVERYTHING in world to get me and three other deaf students in her class to behave. Every time one of us move our hands or something, she'd turn and ask the translator what we were saying or why we were talking. The translator would keep tell her that we didnt say a thing and if we did, she'd voice it. So we figured this out and we decide to start make up all kind of signing. It drive her nut
    One day she decided she had enough so she try to put all of us far away from eachother. Within 5 mins of the class, she heard the translator voicing our conversation. She was horrified that we manage to talk all way across the room without any trouble.
    Next she tried to put special cardboard on the table to act as a blinder. But she had to abandon it because we all cannot see the translator.
    She also have sent us outside in cold weather as a punishment for talking.
    She even went as far as changing translator a couple time because she thought they werent doing their job or covering our ass.
    So basically everyday, she'd try something new only to have it backfire within first 5 mins.

    Gee I could write about all weird fucked up people I ever knew all night.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by aXa
    the scariest guy i ever knew, was from when i was living in central worcester mass. he was white trash, but spent his adolescence hanging out with inner city gangs.
    Seems like most people in worcester could be described that way.

    Sadly I've meet a lot of crazy fucked up people but don't really feel comfortable talking about them on an internet forum, my luck I'm still being stalked and just don't know it!

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    Hmm, I guess it would have to be my ex-step-father. Hes in prison for various drug-related issues (making/selling) and either attempted murder or murdered an officer or some crazy shit. He was also pretty racist, but to anyone he considered "below" him he would act fine around them, joke around and such just to get whatever it was he wanted or needed inside the prison, then talk shit about whatever race they happened to be when they left. His favorite band was Hootie & the Blowfish though, haha! He also claimed to have drank with jesus and was serious. He used to say he liked to drop the soap. He got tattoos of my mothers, myself and sisters names on him, and I hope he got them covered up after the divorce. Was kind of stalkerish towards my mother for a while, claiming he had a spy on the outside watching her for him. Among other interesting things, yea, he was a winner.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    This thread is VERY entertaining!

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    definitely the ex who assaulted and tried to kill me two weeks ago.hes in jail i dont know what is happening i find out on thurs.

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    this thread is fun to read (except for aXa's spelling and grammar)

    i lived with a nut, too many stories to tell, but i like it when you find their weak spot
    he was scared to death of spiders, i got a realistic looking plastic one and put it on his chair when he went to get a beer, he wouldnt even enter the room he was so freaked out
    me and the other flatmate laughed our asses off

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    Default Re: Who is the most F'ed up person/persons you ever knew and why?

    mine would be the habeeb brothers out here. specifically my good buddy dan who i ahve had the pleasure of working with for three seasons now at spirit. why? well, not so much that they're slobby or anything-they're not,but because those guys know how to party! one of em had this EPIC halloween party for all the employees and close friends at their house and man! strippers as far as the eye can see, half the guest list was porn actresses and strippers, stripper pole in the house with a deejay and two professional bartenders. we had so much alcohol that night, it was nuclear. we're talking thrity something jello shots, two full cups of goldschlag,four cups of "jungle juice" four shots of jag,six beers and a forty after wards and only me and dan were left standing after all of that and me in a zombie nurse amy whinehouse costume and him dressed as a terrorist of all things. it was epic.

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