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Thread: Running sucks balls

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    Bikerpunk's Avatar Ill-intentioned bad apple
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    Aug 2007

    Default Running sucks balls

    I started on the couch to 5K(3 miles) program, in an attempt to shift the final 20 lb and have a decent build.....

    Have I mentioned running SUCKS?


    Strange thing is, the after-effects are a wicked high.

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    nathanmbailey's Avatar Batteries not included
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    Dec 2008
    Over there.

    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    Oh yeah, the after-run cigarette is the shit! I hate running, but am oddly good at it. Even with fucked up knees I can run longer than most of the people I work with, and I'm at least 25-50 pounds heavier than a lot of them. But for a PT test, they time us on a 2 mile run, which I tend to do in the lower half of the 14 minute spectrum, usually ahead of the skinnier guys.

    I've also completed 5K's, 10K's, and a half marathon (10.2 miles or something like that). Did I mention I have fucked up knees?

    Unfortunately, no matter how much I run, I can't seem to get my weight to drop below 190 pounds.

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    I ran once.

    Waited at the place I ran to.

    It didn't move. Could've walked.

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    Nobody is chasing me so, so i have no need to run...

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    As opposed to just running balls?

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    Ingridsca1's Avatar Member
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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    Ran a lot in high school- cross country and captain of the track team, and some in college. But I really hate it now- gives me headaches. Plus it is usually a million degrees outside here.

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    Running for me is the most useful physical skill to train..but also the biggest pain in the ass

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    mystoo's Avatar Pirate Hooker
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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    I can't remember the last time I ran, for any reason.

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    i run to get the mail sometimes, like when it's raining or cold out. otherwise, the only other times i run is when i am chasing the cat. im not sure who wins in those cases though.

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    Default Re: Running sucks balls

    running is pretty cool

    I'd do it, but I don't need to lose anymore weight. that wouldn't be good.

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