assuming one can still promote stuff on this part of the forum and all, figured i'd share the info on my two webcomics I got going right now~don't worry, they're free to read...

The first one up is HEX AND MONKEY and entails the adventures of HEX (a zombie) and his hooker eating demonic sockpuppet roommate MONKEY (a hooker eating demonic sock puppet). it's a slice of life comic and ofcourse features alot of politicly incorrect humour as well as cussing and saggy old woman boobs...(it's in black and white cus it's easier to do a comic in black and white)

The second one~which started this week, is JUST ADD CLOWNS and is a violent, random comic about clowns. really doesn't have a following plotline~which is great for readers who don't wanna go through a ton of back story to get up to speed with things.
It's got a lot of violence, nudity and cussing in it~as a comic about clowns really should have all of that in it anyway...(it's in color cus i frankly couldn't justify doing a black and white comic about clowns)

anyways there they are. right now they're hosted on smack jeeves but may move them to keenspot once I can get a jobj and get them theri own domain name and advertising etc.