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Thread: Drug comparison

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    Aside from the pharmacology / chemical differences. Who knows the real world usage comparison between adderrall and methamphetamine? I frequently see meth users emergent but very few pharmaceutical amphetamine users have severe complications. So what is the different feeling one gets from meth compared to regular nonmethylated amphetamine. In a milligram comparison how many Mg of adderrall would it take to equal the high of meth usage. This is assuming oral ingestion of both. Not looking for admissions of use; ie. You may know john or jane doe that has told you and your just passing along the info.

    I'm curious because I live one county over from the meth producing capitol of the southeast and see lots of the issues its causing. Curious to know what the real world effects are when the methyl group is added to the cocktail and why these people go batshit crazy to get it.

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    The methyl group means it gets places in your head more quickly, thoroughly and persistently. You can more or less duplicate the effects of a small dose of meth with a larger dose of plain- or dexamphetamine, but the ratio won't be linear, and higher doses of meth will quickly become impractical or impossible to substitute with speed.

    I think the thing is mostly that dopamine gains new functions when released in extremely high doses. In most doses, all it does is make you clear minded, focused and energetic, creating an "I can do this" attitude. Speed and its medicinal versions, at most real world doses, achieve only this alongside the effects of less characterising released neurotransmitters. However, there's some sort of dopamine threshold where wham, you get extremely euphoric about yourself, hypersexual, and saturated with this intense irrational belief that you can and will succeed at anything the world throws at you.

    Meth reaches this threshold more easily, as does crack when compared to powder cocaine, I think. The difference between dopaminic reactions of coke and speed lie in the fact that speed releases it outright, creating a homogenous driven mood that your mind does not associate with anything you do or did, whereas cocaine is a reuptake inhibitor that enhances the dopaminic rewards to your own actions, which'll make it seem like you 'deserved' the rush by generally being awesome.

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