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Thread: True Blood Do Bad Things

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    Default True Blood Do Bad Things

    The True Blood peeps sent us over some hot True Blood season 3 pictures and a really funny video to share with you all. The video will have to wait because it is a bit of a pain to size, but you can take in the photographic poster hotness now. This season's slogan is "Do Bad Things" from the
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    Default Re: True Blood Do Bad Things

    Is the guy with the office worker haircut supposed to be a vampire?

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    Default Re: True Blood Do Bad Things

    another shitty vampire show except with adult appealling shit to sell it to post teen people who whine about how twilight sucks......

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    Default Re: True Blood Do Bad Things

    so awesome

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    Default Re: True Blood Do Bad Things

    I'm with Karl on this one; the thread title summed up my feelings before I even read the article. True Blood IS bad thing!

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