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Thread: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

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    Default Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    Is it wrong to kiss and tell? Does it make a difference if you tell just one person or millions of people of just three people but one of them tells millions?

    This week, the internet is all aflutter over the Karen Owen Powerpoint presentation. If you are not up on your Duke sex scandal news, a recent graduate of that esteemed college sent three friends of hers a funny Powerpoint presentation, deconstructing various hook-ups with athletes about campus. I surely do not share her taste in men...
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    Default Re: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    I make a point out of allowing no gap between what I am comfortable doing and what I am comfortable with people knowing I do, law enforcement agencies and the like excluded. I feel very strongly that if I do something and end up embarrassed about it then I'm the fool, and I couldn't possibly blame anyone else for that.

    Others around me have asked to be cut a little more slack, though, and I try not to needlessly step on their toes. As a general rule, if someone's asked me to keep something to myself, I don't start about it. If somebody actually stands to lose something on a practical level if it comes out, I'll even zip when directly asked about it, or dodge questions where explicit silence would still implicate somebody. But assuming unspoken agreements of discretion with me is a losing game... I consider all information public property by default.

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    I am most amazed by how someone wants to buy the publishing rights to this bullshit. I heard this week that they're gonna make a movie based on that dude who safely landed that commercial plane in water and everyone survived. Lately it seems like ANY story with a little notoriety to it automatically is purchased for either a book or movie deal. It's incredible. Who would want to read a book based on some unfamous dudes, some mouthy chick fucked and who wants to see a whole movie based on a guy landing a plane? Better yet....Who the fuck hires these people who go out and actually buy these lame fuckin' stories? It all boggles my mind.

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    I prefer the "Tucker Max" method of writing about that stuff. Where he uses his name, and gives all the details, but doesn't specifically call any of the girls by name. The idea is that the story has to be good enough, and funny enough, without using the name of the person. If you want to make fun of your own misgivings and fuckups, go for it. But it just seems inappropriate to tell everyone all the details of your sexual encounters, etc. I think she could have done the same basic thing, using fake names like "Mike The Jock" or whatever.

    Although hanging around certain groups of girls, they talk just as much as the guys about all their sexual details, and get pretty in-depth. In fact, guys seem more likely to just brag in the format of: "Yeah, I fucked that chick..." Where girls seem to be a lot more detailed about the stuff they share with their girlfriends.

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    until just now I'd never heard of this................I suppose she's public property now

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

    ahhh why am i keep on thinking of Kesha song called kiss and tell xD -_- xD

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