My October has been hectic, so I'm just now getting to sharing with you all some more nice press my Backstage Passes anthology has been receiving.

Rebecca , writing for Dirty Sexy Books, writes:

"Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are the big stars in this erotica collection, including some bondage, bloodletting, and other interesting fetishes. If you were never a club rat bedecked with copious black eyeliner, punk hair and piercing, then this collection will give you a window into that other world that exists on the far side of mainstream society. In this collection, rock stars get laid, there are club hookups galore, and there are even a few paranormal twists"

Also, you can pick up the current issue of Marquis magazine on the newsstand for a nice mention of my Backstage Passes book and I'm excited that the esteemed SF Scope told their readers I'm reading for All Access Pass, a sequel anthology to Backstage Passes.
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