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Thread: Question: Are you superstitious?

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    Default Question: Are you superstitious?

    I'm going to start doing question time again now.

    Question: Are you superstitious?

    I'll start.

    I don’t consider myself traditionally superstitious, in the sense that I’m not that worried about stepping on a crack, breaking a mirror, or snuggling a black cat, and I don’t believe creaks in my house are those who have passed over wanting to communicate.

    I do sometimes engage in a big of magical thinking though. I tend to feel like I can often make good things happen to me by wanting them enough or make bad things happen to me by not wanting a particular supposed reward. I tend to believe that thinking either positively or negatively is strongly likely to impact how things go. So maybe a little superstitious, depending on how one defines it.

    How about you all?
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    Default Re: Question: Are you superstitious?

    I believe in omens. Once my tour bus hit a dog on the first day and everything on that tour was awful, one nightmare thing after another.

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    Default Re: Question: Are you superstitious?

    I'm very good at being superstitious..........when I have the time

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    Default Re: Question: Are you superstitious?

    Not at all. I go under ladders at work because there's no other way around, I've slept with black cats laying on my chest, I usually have no choice but to step on cracks since the sidewalk is brick, on the rare occasion I use an umbrella, I open it in doors so I don't get soaked just trying to open it and the only time I throw salt over my shoulder is to mess with someone or some chick is taking a shot off me and I'm too drunk to get the salt onto my neck.

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    Default Re: Question: Are you superstitious?

    I'm really not. I believe what I observe, or what I can reduce to underlying mechanics. Positive thinking is very useful, but that's more psychological - we're invisibly limited by our minds more than almost anything else.

    I'm sometimes guilty of what I think of as 'player thinking', though. I see life a lot like a giant RPG, and usually the parallels drawn from that are useful and productive, but there's one that doesn't always hold up: I tend to expect that every challenge in life should somehow be tailored to my abilities and resources, and can necessarily be overcome if I take the best action available. I find it frustrating when I do everything right that I can see and still don't achieve my objectives... s'arrogance on my part, I guess.

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    Default Re: Question: Are you superstitious?

    I am not, a lot of people I know are, i think because i am an atheist it really kinds of falls into the same category. Things in the world happen because of the actions of individuals or nature... No acts of god... I didnt get hit by a bus because a black cat crossed my path or it mine...I was just in the road when the bus came by...bad timing..... just my 2 cents... :-)

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