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Thread: Suprise!!!

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    Default Suprise!!!

    Whats up to all my fans and everyone who is on the blue blood boards.. Some of you may remember me and some of you might not, im nina sinn the tiny little 4'10" gothic hottie that was born and raised in alaska... I did alot of shoots for forrest and amelia and they are awesome.. Im sure u were wondering whatever happened to me but the fact is i took some time off, got divorced, traveled to see how other goth/fetish/punk clubs,and photographers worked, if it was at all like l.a. A writter/director wrote 2 films based on me as the character so wait till those come out, well i actually have to start filming the 2nd one in month but i really wanted to let everyone know i was alive and to tell forrest and amelia im comeing back to l.a so i wanna shoot for them as much as theyll let me.. Those last 2 sets they put up were unbelieveable and wait till you see me now.. Im trying to figure out how to load a pic on my profile so give me a bit.. So i say to the world nina sinn is back better than ever more tats and pierceings and bigger boobs then before...lol.. See ya soon..

    Bloodykisses from my warm sweet mouth to yours...

    Nina sinn 666

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    Default Re: Suprise!!!

    yes...I was wondering whatever happened to you...nice to know it's all good with you

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    Default Re: Suprise!!!

    Great to hear you are doing well and having adventures!

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