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Thread: Deathrock T-Shirt Design

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    So you all know Forrest Black and I are about to come out with a hardcover book of our deathrock photography. The book was funded via Kickstarter and we included a California Deathrock T-shirt as one of the possible rewards. Here is a mockup of what the California Deathrock T-shirts will look like. Forrest Black and I (by which I mean mostly Forrest Black) are still tweaking a few things, but this is essentially the style. To imagine it, think of how this will appear with fabric texture. The design...
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    Default Re: Deathrock T-Shirt Design

    Is that Forrest on the tshirt?

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    Default Re: Deathrock T-Shirt Design

    Quote Originally Posted by Morning Glory View Post
    Is that Forrest on the tshirt?

    Stich and Butcher Baby

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