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Thread: The Following - Pilot

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    Kevin Bacon finally returns to tv in a leading series roll, making "Guiding Light" fans everywhere happy. From all the commercials and previews, it was hard to guess exactly what this show is about. We definitely got a feel that it was about an escaped serial killer that is a real psychopath, but beyond that is what a lot of shrugs.
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    Default Re: The Following - Pilot

    Here is my alternate ending

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForrestBlack View Post
    Here is my alternate ending

    Less elegantly plotted than The Following, but still not wholly predictable and much happier

    So, Robyn, on a scale of Fuck No to Hell Yeah, do you want to watch next week? I thought it was brilliant. It's going to be a hit, I think. I'd probably finish it, if it were a book. But it is a little hard to watch.

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