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Thread: The Social Distoration concert Report

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    Default The Social Distoration concert Report

    WOW WOW WOW man was it awesome. All three bands were just awesome. First of was The Explosion from Boston who just realeased a new Albumn...Ill get to that in a second. Thier performance was energetic and the people loved 'em If you don't have any of thier stuff get it. As for the Albumn "Black Tape".....it's a disapointment basically all the songs are form previous releases except a few....this reminded me of AFI when the released " Proud of YA" which was basically all thier 7"s and stuff. The albumn techincally is great and well produced...but if yer a fan with any of thier other stuff it may be a bit of a downer. Next up were Tiger Army and yes they fucking rawked hard the crowd loved it. They played both old and new songs and I reallywas enjoying myself by now.....yes I went by myself...it was so good it wasn't worth shairng with anyone..OKAY I'm a loner but still...then it was time for Social Distortion. after what seemed forever Matt Freeman( OP IVY, Rancid and other projects) was on stage first......where was the man him self? he showed uo and the show got underway. Social D played songs like the famous cover of Johny Cash's Ring of fore, Ball and Chain as well as Nickle and Dimes...the came back for an encore and played two more songs. Mr. Ness looks a lil rough but he was full of energy and he had the crowd in his hand except some Jag offs who thought throwing beer cans at the stage was fun...Mike put an end to that quite quickley. Over all the show was aweosme I wish i could have enjoyed with friends or a special girl but even by myself it was so much fun. If you get a Chance to see this tour please do and Cheer really loud...all the bands deserved it

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    I love Social Distortion! I'm glad you had a good time. I already spent my concert money for this year though...oh wells.

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