Well started off by having the lower ball joint retaining nut come loose on my fiero while heading to work. Then the shop truck wouldn't start so I could head back to the house and get some tools. Called a friend to come give me a ride, took him forever to get there. Got all the tools, head back and get everything ready to go back together and not a single parts store in this town had the nut or a complete lower ball joint. Finally found something that was close and decided just to get the car trailer and tow it home. Went home to hook up the tralier and the tire was flat on my wifes suburban. Aired up the tire and headed back into town to load up the car. Just as the car was going on the trailer it broke again. Went back to parts store to find anything that would hold long enough to get the car loaded. Finally got the car loaded and home and dropped it off. On top of that my cell phone bill was due today and I had forgot to pay it so no cell.
After I got home I fired up the old hearse and headed back to town to cash my paycheck (which was late) and went to pay the cell bill. Turns out while the cell was off a company I had sent my resume to had tried to call and couldn't get ahold of me. Luckily my wife was home and they were finally able to get ahold of her, but wouldn't tell her what they needed. When I got home she told me they had called so I called them back. Well there was a bit of good luck today....I have an interview in the morning. Too bad it's a thirty mile one way trip and I have to drive the hearse which averages about 8 mile to the gallon. Well hopefully I used up all the bad luck today and tommorrow will be smooth sailing