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Thread: Tiny Ninja Thespians

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    Default Re: Tiny Ninja Thespians

    i wonder how that part,with the damn near 20 min. monolouge......"the to be not to be", speach i think it was.......

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    Default Re: Tiny Ninja Thespians

    I like my Shakespeare done by Akira Kurosawa

    Throne of Blood (Kumonosu-Jo) is Kurosawa's dazzling adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, starring Toshiro Mifune as the power-hungry warrior.The beauty of Shakespeare's poetry is transformed into an eloquent visual assault on the nerves and emotions, full of sound and fury.The explosive camerawork of Asaichi Nakai is stunning and, playing the ruthless wife, Isuzu Yamada is as sinister as a snake.The heart-pounding violence is studded with harsh silences and moments of menacing stillness as Kurosawa crafts his masterly version of how power corrupts, drawing on the Japanese tradition of classical Noh drama. The prophecy of the witch, a messenger of fate, moves relentlessly to its terrible fulfillment as Mifune is felled by a storm of arrows in a scene now imbued with iconic resonance.

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    Default Re: Tiny Ninja Thespians

    I just finished my last ever literary analysis course ever; and i shall never again be forced to submit to the horrible, dry torture that can only be induced through a combination of Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea" and WS's "Much Ado About Nothing" - The bastards.

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    Default Re: Tiny Ninja Thespians

    Quote Originally Posted by devil13
    I like my Shakespeare done by Akira Kurosawa
    Same here....Ran is another of his masterworks that's an adaptation of King Lear. Kenneth Branagh also adapts Shakespeare well, his Henry V and Hamlet are amazing. Also one excellent version of Richard III starred Ian McKellen back in 95'. It was notable for taking place in the 1930's where England is is falling into a Nazi styled rule. It keeps the original language and adapts without much hassle...has an amazing opening sequence. It's Shakespeare done with a serious set of balls.

    If you're into the more surreal set then check out Prospero's Books from 91'...it's one of those few films that manages to look both like a dream...and one hell of a drug induced trip.

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