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Thread: It's the little things.

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    Mother Superior
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    Jul 2004

    Default It's the little things.

    What do you enjoy in life that aren't exactly major events yet wonderful? Simple pleasures if you will.

    1. Thunderstorms and lightning
    2. Iced tea w/ lemon on my deck.
    3. Sleeping in with the tv on.
    4. A soft breeze running through my hair.
    5. Flowers, especially roses.
    6. A great snowstorm, with nowhere to be.
    7. My new niece Gracie Lee.
    8. Chilly Autumn nights with just a big sweater on.
    9. My cat Zoe.
    10. Laughing so hard it hurts.

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    sheramil's Avatar Maracite Inreach program
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    Dec 2004
    winterside Raummir

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    • nethack, in that i've been playing it, and its many antecedants, on and off for about twenty-five years. And i STILL HAVEN'T WON.
    • bittorrent, which brings me low-res versions of films i'd be embarrassed to be seen renting. you know - Blazing Saddles. Alien Vs Predator. the fifth film in the Cremaster Cycle. "Stacy - Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies". Wallace and Gromit. Gorillaz. Daft Punk. Invader Zim. Weird-ass CGI from the SIGGraph demo DVDs.
    • Starcraft, which i play less as a strategy game and more as a convoluted kind of paint program. rather than beat the other guy, you try to cover the entire map with a network of Pylons, or Creep Colonies. or you mobilise as many zerglings as you can at once and spell out something rude on the map.
    • talk.bizarre and alt.slack. the former berates me for not being with it (whatever the hell "it" is) and the latter reassures me that it's okay to be an opinionated, arrogant anime fanboy asshole.
    • /b on 4chan, for giving me a much-needed rest, from, well, from /b. and 4chan.
    • Habafropzipulops, the mystical Subgenius Tibetan herbal supplement (NOT A DRUG). it makes all of the above seem less like pointless distractions and more like serious sociological research.
    • Microsoft Windows' built-in text editor, Wordpad. there was an annoying bug in the '98 version that has since been fixed. it does the job quietly and without surprising asshole paper-clips asking you stupid questions.
    • and places like this, where i can vent spleen all over people and they'll only occasionally get pissed off.

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    Default Re: It's the little things.

    dark chocolate

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    morbid_lady's Avatar Senior Member
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    Oct 2004

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    laying on the couch w/ my dog watchin tv

    getting good feedback on comment cards at work and guests who keep they're room clean (i'm a housekeeper)

    the smell of oatmeal cookies baking

    sitting on my deck in the hot sun

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    Mr Karl's Avatar Senior Member
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    Sep 2004

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    I like to remember all the simple pleasures I've had

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    Default Re: It's the little things.

    Being Who I am and not worring what others think

    Knowing some of the great people I know not only here on Blueblood, but at Don Henries website

    Virginia vacation every may

    Females in general

    self piercing

    anything with skulls on it

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    Pull~My~Hair's Avatar makes your life seem good
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    Jun 2005
    My moms womb

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    my son
    thunder and lightening
    natural disasters (the chaos is great)
    smoking a bowl and watching a good movie
    really laughing (few and far between these days)
    new socks
    pineapple juice and malibu rum

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    Chaotika's Avatar Fetish Bunny
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    Hollywood, CA

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    1. Waking up in my hunny's arms
    2. Smoking cigarettes
    3. Chocolate
    4. Falling asleep to Bjork
    5. Running around naked, outside, in the rain.
    6. Japanese food/cartoons/comics
    7. Laying on the floor painting with my cat, Chibi Neko, sleeping on my lower back and purring.
    8. Public displays of affection that anyone who looked over at us would think was harmless making out, but is actually very sneaky fucking...
    9. Pasta Pasta Pasta!
    10. Drugs on the kind of days that require them

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    Mother Superior
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    Jul 2004

    Default Re: It's the little things.

    1. Fresh crisp clean sheets and blankets.
    2. A nice piece of Lindt chocolate melting in my mouth followed by a sip of iced water with lemon.
    3. Zoe (my cat) licking my nose to wake me up to feed her.
    4. New shoes.
    5. The scent of a freshly bathed baby.
    6. Surprise mail (new pics of my niece & I arrived yesterday).
    7. Finding money!
    8. Playing a song you know will let you get it all out emotionally.
    9. A stiff drink.
    10. Anything cashmere except underwear. Hell, I may even try it.

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