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Thread: Chatting with Xian

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    Default Chatting with Xian

    Since a bunch of folks really enjoyed the fun Hex Hollywood gallery we recently released, I thought it would be enjoyable to catch up with Xian and give everybody a bit of insight on the mind and motivations of the creative force behind these events. Xian is dedicated and involved in the Los Angeles...
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    Default Re: Chatting with Xian

    You know I went to the one local club here in beachside snoozeville and it made me miss Xian even more. (like I thought that was possible). It also made me really really miss LA. Maybe I'll move back....


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    Default Re: Chatting with Xian

    wow, that's almost a touching interview... DJing, and promotion as altruistic calling...

    huh. i never thought of it that way... almost makes me think about becoming a promoter...

    nice thanks Forrest.

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