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Thread: "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".

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    Default "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".

    { "Fans Losing Popcorn at Shaky 'Cloverfield' Premeir" ).
    People Claim Film Makes Them Vomit
    - QUOITE 'I Had to Get Up & Leave ...')
    Posted: 2008-01-24 10:36:05
    Filed Under: Movie News, Health News
    ATLANTA, Georgia (Jan. 24)
    "Cloverfield" is the first adrenaline-pumping monster hit of the year,
    bringing in more than $40 million dollars on its opening weekend.
    The thriller is told from the point of view of five young New Yorkers
    using their handheld camera.
    But for some viewers, being "part" of the movie is making them sick -- literally.
    One blogger on the popular movie database IMDB.com said,
    "I had to get up and leave the theater for nearly 20 minutes just to keep from hurling."
    Other moviegoers have reported being nauseated and dizzy.
    The bouncy, handheld camera stylings of 'Cloverfield'
    are leaving many viewers sick to their stomach,
    causing a "classic case of vertigo" in moviegoers,
    according to one ear, nose and throat doctor.

    Most viewers are unaffected by the film,
    but for those who are, experts say the problem is in their heads.
    "This is a classic case of vertigo," said Dr. Michael G. Stewart,
    chairman of otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine)
    at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weil Cornell Medical Center.
    "You can look around and feel like things are moving, when they aren't."
    Vertigo is caused when a person's balance system gets confused.
    Your body feels a strong visual sensation of movement but in reality,
    you aren't moving at all.
    The disconnect confuses your brain sensors
    and can cause dizziness and nausea, Stewart said.
    AMC theaters across the country have posted signs warning moviegoers of potential
    "side effects associated with motion sickness similar to riding a roller-coaster."
    So why does the film style affect some viewers
    and not others?
    "People have different levels of susceptibility,
    similar to how some people cannot ride on a small boat without getting sick," Stewart said.
    "It's just a natural variation."
    The good news is,
    experiencing vertigo is rare for most people.
    So if you are itching to see "Cloverfield" but are worried you might get sick,
    experts recommend taking a dose of over-the-counter anti-vertigo medicine,
    sold under such brand names as Bonine and Dramamine II.
    "It might not protect you from all the symptoms,
    but it could, and it certainly can't hurt," Stewart said.

    Another tip is to briefly close your eyes during the movie.
    It may be enough to recalibrate your sensors
    and soothe your symptoms long enough to finish the movie.
    And if you're really concerned,
    just wait to rent the movie.
    "A person would be fine watching from home,"
    Stewart said. "When you are on your couch,
    you have perspective around the screen so your mind knows
    the movie is moving and the room isn't."
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    Recent Comment Posts on "A.O.L" : { 1 - 15 of 169 ):
    At least the Blair Witch Project was a low budget film by relative unknowns. This has a big Hollywood budget and, by the sounds of it, really sucks. When is Hollywood going to get it-- people want a good story and not all the hype and special effects. If and when they do, please call or email me. I have some killer scripts ready for you.
    Posted by:"Tunjon1"
    03:11:50 PM Jan 24 2008
    This movie was horrible. It was the same premise that has appeared in several recent movies.( War of the world and the movie where New York was covered in ice and the guy went to fetch his son). Someone trekking back through rumble and death to find someone. The camera shots and the lighting was terrible also. Most people booed and stated that they should have gotten there money back. I was very disappointed with this so-call thriller. 5 thumbs down, five being worst.
    Posted by:"DPirie1996"
    03:10:03 PM Jan 24 2008
    I had to close my eyes watching the trailer. If I wanted to see hand held jerkiness I would watch the home movies I took at Disney World.
    Posted by:"Covina5"
    03:09:41 PM Jan 24 2008
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    Posted by:"Saepha"
    03:09:33 PM Jan 24 2008
    The worst movie I have EVER seen! Shaky camera= Massive headache! Save your money and don't go.
    Posted by:"K4doyle"
    03:08:33 PM Jan 24 2008
    Jdgirl912 Said: This pisses me off the only reason people think this movie sucked is b/c theres no action themed music or Any tom cruises to save the day
    well, since the article and most of the comments here are about the shakiness of the film, then I suppose your only reason is wrong. The producers could have toned down the shakiness 50% and you still would have gotten that being there feel and the rest of us who didn't like it could have enjoyed it.
    Posted by:"Saepha"
    03:08:29 PM Jan 24 2008
    The worst movie I have EVER seen! Shaky camera= massive headache!
    Posted by:"Jess1n1"
    03:08:23 PM Jan 24 2008
    I wasn't plannin on watching this movie in the theater but with all the hype going on why not?? Im really curious now as to this whole vertigo thing. Is it anyhting like the imax theater??
    Posted by:"JMcgaw3046"
    03:07:52 PM Jan 24 2008
    If you never experienced Vertigo, you don't want to. Because of inner ear problems I have had a lot of spells, some have caused me to go to the hospital. It is like being on a rocking ship and you can't move. Then you get sea sick and can't stop throwing up. It is no fun. I take pills all the time to prevent it. So if this movie might cause it to happen to you be careful and if you feel it happening, get out, sit down and don't try to move.
    Posted by:"Pig50388"
    03:07:38 PM Jan 24 2008
    I was one of those that got sick.. I closed my eyes throughout a good half of the movie and still yakked 4 times when I left. It was so embarrassing-- and so out of character for me. I work on a ferry boat and have never gotten motion sick before; I am a thrill seeker who loves roller coasters, big waves, etc.
    The plot line was almost as bad as this movie. I can't believe the ratings this movie has been getting; last I checked it had a 76% on rottentomatoes.com! That's ridiculous-- this movie was a horrible waste of time and money.
    Posted by:"Saepha"
    03:07:14 PM Jan 24 2008
    The worse movie I have ever seen! The shaky camera gave me a massive headache! My husband wanted to walk out but I made him stay hoping it would get better. Bad mistake. Total waste of my time!
    Posted by:"JonzBeach"
    03:06:35 PM Jan 24 2008
    HELLO!! Did they not see Blair Witch Project? This was exactly the same deal. That movie had a BRILLIANT marketing campaign with the "real story" of Blair Witch on the sci-fi channel, etc., but the movie itself was no better than a second grade project, nicotine addicted teenagers running around somebody's backyard with a video camera and no kleenix. As soon as saw that Cloverfield was "shot from the footage of the narrator," you could not PAY me to see it. If I wanted to see hand held cinema, I would watch TMZ. C'mon JJ, you're more creative than that.
    Posted by:"SkeochC75"
    03:06:06 PM Jan 24 2008
    My husband and I went to see this movie and almost left in the middle of the movie, not because we were dizzy or nauseated, but because we forgot to take our stupid pills and could not stand the stupidity! As we left we heard many patrons saying it was the most stupid movie they had ever seen. My husband's comment was "well, at least the popcorn was good". God love him. I do think that many younger people (14 to 18) might like it, but for adults, it is a waste of money.
    Posted by:"MonakTheHateful6"
    03:05:34 PM Jan 24 2008
    cloverfield is probably one of the greatest monster movies ever made. I know all the idiots out there think it was poorly made , but what you dont understand is that it is a work of art. Now I understand how the filming could make some sick , still that is no reason to call it bad. If you want to call it a new age B movie then it ranks as the best B movie ever. This is one movie built for a sequal that I am hoping they will make one.
    Posted by:"Sweet Tooth Girl"
    03:05:32 PM Jan 24 2008
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    Default Re: "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".

    cloverfield was fucking awesome. as mentioned in the article:
    1. people are being forewarned
    2. it does not effect most people
    3. there are several easy solutions

    from 15 comments, only 1 was positive yet i have not personally heard anything but praise for the movie which makes me wonder if we just have a collection of idiots jumping on the bandwagon.

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    Default Re: "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".


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    Default Re: "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".

    it really wasn't even that shaky. with the exception of just a few scenes, most of it was pretty steady, so much so, that it actually took away from the realism because it's about as steady as your average real amatuer film while standing still; this is while people are running through exploding buildings.

    I think that children of men was shakier, but I guess your typical blockbuster movie-goer didn't see that one.

    if you really want dizzying camera work, check out the film Irreversible, it looks like it was filmed on a roller coaster. most of the scenes are upside down or spinning and zooming in and out. in particular the club scene which is also filmed with a strobbing light and charcters running through the entire thing.

    also, I'm told that Visions of Suffering is like this too with pretty much the whole movie strobbing and even the effect of having the screen size changing shape.

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    Default Re: "Fans Vomiting at Shaky ~ 'Cloverfield' ~ Premeir".

    i agree that it wasnt as shaky as people are making it out to be, but i dont really think it detracted from the realism - to my mind it seemed like the 'cameraman' character got steadier as it progressed like he was getting the hang of it, with the occassional craziness when they run or the cam as dropped. it had a pretty amateurish feel, imho. then aain ive always had a fairly steady hand with a camera, so maybe its just how it would have felt had i been filming (course, my priorits would be elsewhere were my city being eaten )

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