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Thread: Hearst Convention, Denver CO

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    Default Hearst Convention, Denver CO

    So my crazy hot friend in Denver is super obsessed with Hearse's. He in fact has 7, which I was fortunate enough to get to see, and I cannot tell you the envy I feel. Luckily he and his girl are also super nice, in addition to being so ridiculously hot, so I got to ride around in his with them.

    This May, I am going to head out there for the Hearse Convention, which he is arranging. I am so so so so so excited. We are gonna go up into the mountains to shoot in his hearse in this crazy graveyard he told me about, then spend many days blowing shit up and riding around being uber-gothic. Yay! I am so so looking forward to it!!!!!!

    Sooooo if you are in or around Denver,come join and have fun with us all!!!

    Me and Zac and Amber :-)

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    Default Re: Hearst Convention, Denver CO

    Had a couple of friends of mine here, who, back in the mid-'90's, had a pair of hearses they liked to drive 'round in.
    Never did get to ride in the back, though.

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    Default Re: Hearst Convention, Denver CO

    I've always said if I bought a car, it'd be a hearse.

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