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You probably know this, but a banner exchange is a program which multiple sites can join so that each site's banner is displayed across all of the member sites. All you do is paste a little piece of code our software will generate for you onto as many pages of your site as you like. Then, when people view your pages, you earn credits in the exchange so that other sites display your banner to their surfers.

The Blue Blood Banner Exchange is to help promote Gothic, glam, glitter, punk, vampire, GLBT, faerie, spooky, fetish, or otherwise cool sites. 200 or more free exposures will be given to scene resource sites i.e. sites which have search engines, club listings, or otherwise support the scene. At Forrest Black's discretion, you may receive additional exposures. This is what happened if your exposures used number is higher than your exposures earned number.

Adult sites are welcome if they are thematically appropriate i.e. gothic, punk, fetish, activist, informative, not vanilla and not illegal. If you have a partner program, you need to invite Blue Blood to join it and use referral code in the exchange. You will be most likely to receive extra free exposures that way so it is good for everyone.

Banners may not show any nudity. Many of the sites in the exchange are for all ages, so banners may not show genitals, nipples, butt crack, or four letter words.

Please also do not submit sites which engage in image theft or other intellectual property abuses. If someone else created it, then you need his or her permission to use it on your site.

We do not allow any sneaky-pete schemes to over inflate your display credits. No exchange placements on auto-refresh pages or repeating the placement eighty times on the same page hidden beyond view or any other funny business.

Members acknowledge that the Blue Blood Banner Exchange is a free service. It is provided as is and can be revoked at any time if in the Blue Blood crew's sole estimation it should be. Blue Blood is not responsible for content on member sites.

Standard banners must be 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels tall and less than 25k. We are now offering a 'friends' sized option as well. Those are 100 pixels wide and 150 pixels high. Your banner must be a Jpeg or a Gif. It may not be a Bitmap or a tricky cgi call or an executable or anything other than a JPG or GIF image.

Banners must be stored on your web server i.e. you will provide a link to your banner's location on your server during the signup process. Your server must allow bandwidth pulls. This means that the server your banner is located on must permit your banner to be displayed on other servers while residing on that one. If your server does not permit this, the banner might look fine on your site but come up broken or wrong on other sites in the exchange. You need to know the specifics of your own host, but among the hosts which do not allow bandwidth pull at this time are Geocities, Darksites, Angelfire, Tripod, PhotoBucket, etc.

You can put the code for the Blue Blood Banner Exchange on any pages of your site you would like to, but please do not put it more than twice on any one given page. Thanks for joining us and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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