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Thread: introducing myslelf!! this iz how we du it!!

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    Default introducing myslelf!! this iz how we du it!!

    well my name is Michaela. Chaos is my last name without the "K" im not gunna tell you where that K is tho. look at my profile to see what music and movies i like. im only 15 but dont usually like the same type of stuff kids my age like. i grew up with parents that cared what i listened to and watched(not in a over protective way more like the "this disney channel crap is stupid! watch the old cartoons and dont listen to music that your peers are listening to!" haha they didnt really say it like that. but like music and movies (this sounds stupid) but they have really given me a lot of different perspective on life. i dont watch movies like lots of others do i always think stuff like "i wonder where the producers got this idea" stuff like that. and music if i like the band or musician I REALLY like them. Like Green Day is my favorite band, right? i know everything about them, have every CD im determined to go to there concerts and have a great time. that pretty much the same with other music artists i like, not always the going to concerts cause some of the key members have passed away but u get what i mean? i have stupid things that are important to me. same with movies if i like a movie or i guess a certain type of movie, ill look at other movies that are related to it. i guess its sorta geeky right? but im still happy to know a lot about my passions and want to find friends who wont get sick of me. haha. im getting too serious! anyway "would yoo bee mah fren??" hehehe. all in all im CRAZZZZYYY!!!

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    Default Re: introducing myslelf!! this iz how we du it!!

    I want some of what you are on. Welcome.

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    Default Re: introducing myslelf!! this iz how we du it!!


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    Default Re: introducing myslelf!! this iz how we du it!!

    Hi Gorgeous!

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