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Paul Stanley and Soul Station Wonderful at Sayers Club Hollywood

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Paul Stanley and the rest of the all star band Soul Station played a wonderful show at the Sayers Club in Hollywood tonight. So often, no matter how special a show is in Los Angeles, there is the sense of the people on stage manipulating for some commercial purpose and the people in the audience […]

Last Day to Back Lords of Acid Kickstarter

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There is only one day left in the Lords of Acid Pretty in Kink Kickstarter. I’m excited that they have smashed every stretch goal so far. This means that, not only will there be a new Lords of Acid album, but also a new Lords of Acid web site and rockumentary. In addition to the […]

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Wax Trax Documentary and T-shirts

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I’ve been so overwhelmed with work for the BLT Kickstarter that I almost forgot to mention that I backed the Wax Trax Kickstarter almost a month ago. There are only 5 hours left in the Wax Trax project’s funding, so get over there right now and check it out. The Wax Trax roster was incredibly […]

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California Deathrock Book Signing Party at La Luz Tonight

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Initially exclusively available to Kickstarter backers and people in the book, California Deathrock is now being made available via select booksellers. So La Luz is throwing a book signing party for us. We are thrilled to be at La Luz, the premiere lowbrow art gallery in Los Angeles, possibly in the world. Gallery Director Matt […]

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California Deathrock book published!

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I am super happy to be able to share with you all that Forrest Black’s and my California Deathrock book has been published! In time for Xmas gift, delivery, get the ghouls and fiends in your life a nice hardcover coffee table book at CaliforniaDeathrock.com. We are so grateful for the support from those of […]

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Sara X Wins the Internet

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Long time Blue Blood readers will be familiar with Sara X from her appearances in the Blue Blood VIP and her Thou shalt not strip feature article on BlueBlood.net. Aside from being well-read, articulate, witty, and darn hot, Sara X pretty much won the internet this week. Her first YouTube video is a brief film […]

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Ghoulmaster Kickstarter

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Gothic.Org just posted a feature article on Pete Carter’s Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse Kickstarter. He loves Halloween and has tons of dark style and guyliner and even wrote an ode to those vital cosmetic basics black lipstick and eyeliner. One of the Kickstarter rewards features some of those song lyrics in black crayon. The incentives are […]

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Rod Benson Needs Some Hot Ass Punk Rock Babes

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Okay, so you are probably asking yourself why in the world I would even be aware of a YouTube video with literally 3 views. See, my brother hasn’t decided what country he lives in. And this dude Rod Benson kind of lives in Korea where he (I am not making this up) plays basketball in […]

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SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go

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Okay, this could easily be one more thing destroying pop culture touchstones of my childhood. Like that Star Wars sequel with Jar Jar Binks and cutesy young Darth Vader or whoever etc. (I’d like to point out that I somewhat presciently said at the time that it looked like George Lucas was trying to get […]

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Has anyone ever said “I know you want it” in a good way? #thicke

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So, my hat is off to Robin Thicke for successfully getting a large number of shots of attractive boobs on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong; I think these ubiquitous services like Google and Facebook are attacking freedom of speech with their capricious and unevenly enforced supposed rules. But I still tend to feel some respect […]

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