Painter Vaughn Belak Reddit AMA

Blue Blood is going to be publishing a book Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets: The Dark Art and Inspiration of Vaughn Belak. Vaughn is a super interesting guy and, at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific tomorrow, he is going to be doing one of those Reddit IAmA ask me anything conversations. If you haven’t seen one of these before, the way they work is that you can ask the person doing it whatever you like and, within reason, they will most likely answer. I think it is the most fun when it is an artist you find intriguing, as I am always fascinated by the creative process. It is basically a real time interview with multiple interviewers. At the scheduled time tomorrow, the link will go live on Vaughn’s Reddit profile and it will be on! Edit: It is on now! I am Vaughn Belak and I paint for a living. Gettin ready to have a new book of artwork out called “Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets”. AMA!

You can see one of these that I did a couple years back at Amelia G – zinester publisher Blue Blood (naked gothic people) and BLT (punk humor) AMA! when working on BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the Zine Revolution, the omnibus of my punk humor zine.

RazorCandi did one at IamA ground-breaking deathrock model, from LJ to goth clothing catalogs to magazines to nude modeling to coffee table books. AMA! for the RazorCandi: Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon coffee table book.

Ultra Happy Alarm did IamA Alternative Fashion Icon, Real Life Cartoon, Feminist, Nude Model Die Hard Kandi Raver, and Reality TV Star Trying to Publish My First Coffee Table Book AMA! for the Ultra Happy Alarm book project.

It is Reddit, so some people are, of course, dicks. Overall, these can be fun and we hope you all stop by tomorrow to join the conversation via Vaughn Belak’s profile and, of course, check out the Kickstarter.

Vaughn Belak Reddit


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