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Google Apparently Wants to be the Taliban

- by in Headline, Manifesto

Google apparently wants to be the Taliban, or headed that way anyway. It knows best what’s good for us and we better get in line or get cut off. Mind you, BlueBlood.net has never run Google Ads, but some of our partner sites report that they are running into more and more ridiculous problems trying […]

420 California Girls

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I live in the heart of Hollywood and there is tons of commercial space for rent here right now. I am surprised at how many places have been trying to get a tenant without success for as long as they have. Except that places which have been empty for literally years still have asking prices […]

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Tragedy Journalism Makes Me Sad

- by in Headline, Manifesto

It might seem like a tautology to say that tragedy journalism makes me sad. But it makes me sad beyond just what is awful about it. Of course, I feel bad when I see that a plant in Waco exploded to disastrous result and the graphic images of people who were the victims of random […]

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About Piratz Tavern or Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue on Spike is a Bigot

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Years ago, when I lived in the DC burbs, Dennys was sued for discriminating against black customers. The Dennys near where I lived, the one the local punks used to get abused at, was named specifically in the suit because they had been evil about seating a couple of black Secret Service agents. Dennys lost, […]

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Billy Corgan Speaks Out on Alex Jones Infowars

- by in Manifesto, Music, Video

Billy Corgan just gave a really interesting interview on Alex Jones’ Infowars show where he talked about the dissonance some people are experiencing as they face the societal illusions being propagated by current Government entities and mainstream media, versus their own intuitive interpretation of the world they live in. His new album is titled Oceania, […]

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Are Mega-Corps Discriminating Against Gothic Sites?

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Today, dark fashion and beauty site Gothic.org posted Trend Micro Hates Goths. It appears that Trend Micro, through its Site Safety product, is unreasonably discriminating against gothic culture sites. Trend Micro’s Site Safety is yet another entry in the anti-malware and social control product set. Most companies use some sort of software which tracks where […]

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420 Sure Is Economical

- by in Headline, Manifesto, Sex

In honor of 4/20, I wanted to write something about how the low price of kush in California, even when you factor in doctor visits, demonstrates what happens when the market right-prices healthcare. I’m indifferent to marijuana, on a personal level, but I believe strongly in what it politically represents. But I glanced at Facebook, […]

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Question: How far would you go if threatened?

- by in Manifesto

How far would you go if threatened? I’ve been thinking about this a bit extra due to Game of Thrones. For example, does it make sense to kill suckling infants for fear that, when they grow up, they might want your job? What if their success meant you’d probably have to be dead, not just […]

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Question: Do you believe men and women can be friends?

- by in Headline, Manifesto, Video

Do you believe men and women can be friends? Is it possible to be friends with someone you find sexually attractive? I was just having a conversation with my brother about this. After the usual points about why I loathed the movie When Harry Met Sally, my brother sent me this video. It is kind […]

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My Disappointment with Google+

- by in Headline, Manifesto

Ok, I have to admit, the Google+ novelty is wearing thin. The vast majority of people I know are performers, artists, writers, bloggers, activists, musicians, etc. and too many of the accepted cultural norms within each of those communities run afoul of the unevenly enforced prudish neo-Victorian Google+ behavioral and identity standards. Most of the […]

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