Question: How far would you go if threatened?

How far would you go if threatened?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit extra due to Game of Thrones. For example, does it make sense to kill suckling infants for fear that, when they grow up, they might want your job? What if their success meant you’d probably have to be dead, not just fired? Some of the characters are ready to go the distance for kind of whatever, no matter what the cost, and some have only a few things they will rouse themselves to protect.

I have the notion that I am baffled by war and could never kill someone for no reason. I feel confident that I could absolutely shoot someone who was threatening me or my loved ones personally. But, in real life, threats are more commonly less immediate than someone violently running at ya. I find I sometimes don’t have the stomach to visit the consequences on someone that they deserve.

In what ways are you prepared to protect yourself if threatened?


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