Question: Do you believe men and women can be friends?

Do you believe men and women can be friends? Is it possible to be friends with someone you find sexually attractive?

I was just having a conversation with my brother about this. After the usual points about why I loathed the movie When Harry Met Sally, my brother sent me this video. It is kind of hilarious that all of the women say it is possible and all of the men say it is not. But then all the women say their guy friends would totally bang them, if they were into it.

As a woman with less-than-feminine interests, I’m interested in being friends with guys. I watched a few episodes of Reaper and The Loop on Hulu and they both star Bret Harrison as a guy named Sam who has been in love with a female friend for years but doesn’t have what it takes to tell her. My brother says shows like this pretend the girl in such situations is innocent of knowledge of such crushes, as a polite fiction to benefit the girl. From my perspective, I don’t get why the guys are always painted as sympathetic here. I think it totally sucks to pretend to be someone’s super good friend, when all you want is to hit that. Perhaps there are gender issues here, in terms of what chicks are told guys want from sex and how women are expected to be the goalies in sex. I find the notion that the male of the species never wants to be friends with the female of the species and, on some level, the female is using that . . . well, I find that a dismal notion.

So what do you all think? Can you be friends with someone you find hot? If you do find a friend sexually attractive, does that friendship generally involve having sex? Do you usually fool around with your friends? If so, does that change the character of the relationship? Can men and women be friends?

Answering the age old question, Young Independent Filmmakers Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero set out to simply prove a point.


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