Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 63: The Queen’s Justice, or They Just Like Severed Heads, Really

Our new episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones begins with a bit of shade shared between Tyrion and Jon Snow. We’re back to my favorite part of this show, finally: Striding with Tyrion and trading barbed witticisms.

And: Surprise! Dragon! Jon and Davos are appropriately awed.

High on a cliffside overlooking the scene, Varys has Mel’s number, but she apparently has his. Not every day does someone rattle Varys.

And we get the great meeting of the minds between Dany and Jon, which goes poorly in so many ways. Dany needs to establish herself as rightful queen and can’t go off message. Jon has to sell the notion of the endless army of ice zombies to someone who’s never seen snow. Grievances are aired. And since no one can back down, things get ugly. (Noted: Apparently we are talking about the ice zombies, but Jon’s resurrection is not a topic for conversation.)

As it all nearly hits bottom, in rolls Varys, clearly with news of Yara & the Sand Snakes’ misfortunes. Which are only beginning. Where do the small folk find all these rotten vegetables to chuck at shame-walkers, anyway? Euron, meanwhile, merrily joins the ranks of those who have ridden horses into the throne room.

It’s wonderful to see someone enjoying themselves unreservedly, so it’s fun watching Euron showboat and preen and insult Jaime. In the same way, it’s fun to watch Cersei toying with her captives, building to slow crescendo and sealing the deal with a kiss. We don’t see Tyene die, neither does Cersei, but we don’t need to.

And Cersei gets her first good night’s sleep in ages, I expect, with a little help from sadistic vengeance and Jaime. (And who’s the hot page with the pixie cut? Do we get to see more of her?)

If you’re going to meet with your bank manager first thing in the morning, I recommend a healthy slug of wine, especially if it’s Mycroft and you owe a vast sum you can’t pay. Cersei has a lot of good points from a conservative investor’s perspective, one must admit.

Back atop the cliffsides of Dragonstone, Tyrion is getting seriously outbrooded. Try a bigger cloak, Tyrion. And while you’re at it, you can also deal with the impasse between your boss and her guest by breaking things down into smaller, manageable bits. And thus did Tyrion broker the great Dragonglass Deal that broke the ice between Jon & Dany. Well done, T.

Back up north at Winterfell, Sansa is handing down orders, shadowed by Littlefinger. Who is not done trying to get into Sansa’s head, in this case by handing out metaphysical advice that would give Manson a headache. We are spared more of this by the timely arrival of Bran and Meera. Bran sounds and looks thoroughly stoned, and Sansa’s having none of it.

And how did Sam’s repulsive treatment of Jorah turn out? A great success, according to Archmaester Quincy. As a reward, there are no points for Gryffindor, a mountain of punishment homework, and Sam doesn’t get tossed out on his ear. I call this a win.

Speaking of wins, Tyrion has an excellent plan for one at Casterly Rock. He gets it, but it turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory, since he has been outplayed yet again, as have the Tyrells.

It’s awful to lose Lady O, who is one of the best characters in the whole show, but holy shit, does she ever get a great last scene. It’s a shame it’s all at Jaime’s expense. (Noted: Her final speech exonerates Tyrion in Joff’s death, for what it’s worth.)

Thus far, Dany is having a terrible war, and Cersei is having a fantastic one. She’s cut out all three of Dany’s Westerosi allies, trashed her navy, isolated the Unsullied, and lost nothing except the worthless family seat, and that not likely for long. And she’s got Highgarden’s wealth to pay off the Iron Bank. Let’s see if she can keep up the streak next week.


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