Lingerieve 12

When it comes to photography, a lot of Forrest Black’s and my personal work is counterculture portraits we shoot in our trademark location studios. Since the mid-1990’s, we’ve been dragging professional fashion studio lighting into some of the most unlikely places to immortalize that special energy that only really happens in the right environment on the right night. Yes, this means we’ve shot images for coffee table books and magazines in parking lots, behind pool tables, and while dodging foam cannons.

We had a fun time doing this at Lingerieve 12. Promoter Clix told me that the name is the combination of “lingerie” and “rave” and was the result of a late night conversation about just how tiny raver girls outfits were getting at events. So, in the images below, along with the kandi and colorful hair, you’ll see a lot of lace, fishnet, slips, garters, garterbelts, teddies, bikinis, boxer briefs, bras and panties. Members of the Blue Blood VIP will spot Lum and Ultra Happy being celebratory in these pictures. The event also included a parade of talented deejays and giveaways from MyFreeCams and the issue of AltStar Magazine which Forrest Black and I shot Doll_Parts for the cover of.

I highly recommend any event Clix is involved with. You can see our portraits from the most recent Bubble Bobble foam party here, also held in Arizona. The next event from Clix, Mike Saga, and 1Vibe is Bubble Bobble 11: The Quest for More Foam presented by MyFreeCams. I know I’m planning on being there!

If you are in this photo gallery, please feel welcome to post photos of yourself, but tag us and try not to crop off the credits. I’m a fan of the Insquare Pic and No Crop & Square for Instagram apps for Android. Blue Blood is @BlueBlood on Twitter; and I’m @AmeliaG on Twitter and @realameliag on Instagram and Amelia G on Facebook; and Forrest Black is @ForrestBlack on Twitter and @23blackcats on Instagram and Forrest Black on Facebook. We’d love to connect with you :-)


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