Bubble Bobble

The gent with the giant pink mohawk in the photographs below is Clix. Blue Blood VIP members may recognize his name as the photographer with the most cake in shoots with Ultra Happy and others. In addition to putting colorful dessert toppings on colorful raver babes in the desert, Clix knows how to throw a party. Forrest Black and I recently took a roadtrip to Arizona to photograph the nightlife at Clix’s Bubble Bobble foam party. DJ dune headlined and also took time out beforehand to throw pies at nude rave girls. Synergy!

Amidst the suds, Forrest Black and I didn’t manage to photograph every person that we spotted and hoped to shoot. The rhythm of shooting in Phoenix is very different from Los Angeles. Definitely worth getting used to. I love the colors and the quirky individualized style, and there seriously needs to be a rave fitness video.

If you are in this photo gallery, please feel welcome to post photos of yourself, but tag us and try not to crop off the credits. I’m a fan of the Insquare Pic and No Crop & Square for Instagram apps for Android. Blue Blood is @BlueBlood on Twitter; and I’m @AmeliaG on Twitter and @realameliag on Instagram and Amelia G on Facebook; and Forrest Black is @ForrestBlack on Twitter and @23blackcats on Instagram and Forrest Black on Facebook. We’d love to connect with you :-)

Bubble Bobble Foam Party Flyer 2018


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