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Bubble Bobble

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The gent with the giant pink mohawk in the photographs below is Clix. Blue Blood VIP members may recognize his name as the photographer with the most cake in shoots with Ultra Happy and others. In addition to putting colorful dessert toppings on colorful raver babes in the desert, Clix knows how to throw a […]

No, Women Do Not Think Orgasm is Just the Icing on the Cake

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My Facebook has been surprisingly lit up this week with (in addition to the usual idiotic partisan politics) people posting articles about how to pleasure a woman. I’m pretty sure most of my friends know where the clitoris is and know how to be pretty creative in bed. So I am a bit baffled by […]

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Happy Belated Cthulu Day

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Darn it, yesterday was Cthulu Day and I forgot. I swear I would have baked a cake, had I remembered. Maybe not as awesome as the 200 pound octopus cake from Highland Bakery in the Buckhead area of Atlanta where I inexplicably used to live. But definitely with tentacles. I’ve actually gotten pretty decent at […]

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