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Stephanie Berman Awarded Patent for Insemination Toy

- by in Headline, Personalities, Sex

We want to congratulate Stephanie Berman on finally being awarded a utility patent for the technology behind her innovative Semenette® technology. During the new and exciting SHE Sexual Health Expo, where Stephanie was a guest speaker, Amelia G and I got together with her to shoot some fun pictures of her latest Berman Innovations product, […]

BLT T-shirt Designs

- by in Headline, Trappings

I’ve just added some new BLT t-shirt designs to the BLT Zine Omnibus Kickstarter page. We’re probably going to need to get supporter feedback on which ones people want most. I have a bunch more designs to complete, but I really like these. BLT zine artwork by our cool collaborator Slash. Some of you old […]

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Google Apparently Wants to be the Taliban

- by in Headline, Manifesto

Google apparently wants to be the Taliban, or headed that way anyway. It knows best what’s good for us and we better get in line or get cut off. Mind you, BlueBlood.net has never run Google Ads, but some of our partner sites report that they are running into more and more ridiculous problems trying […]

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What Sorts of Games do you Play

- by in Popcorn

Different platforms lend themselves to different sorts of games and it’s interesting to me that the games I like on my phone tend to be different from what I enjoy on an iPad or on my computer. Obviously, the former tend to lean towards graphical puzzle games like Soda Crush, but on my actual computer […]

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Hornady Z-MAX Zombie Rounds Built to Make Dead…Permanent

- by in Headline, Trappings, Video

I was just shopping for ammunition over at Cabelas, you know for the end of the world and all that, and discovered Hornady‘s awesome ‘certified zombie ammunition’ collection. Apparently, the whole line of specialized Zombie killer rounds were introduced to the market about a year ago, and I have to say, I’ve seen very few […]

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Heavy Red Releases Alice in time for Halloween

- by in Headline, Trappings

Just in time for Halloween, HeavyRed has released a fantastical Alice in Wonderland inspired ensemble. Many of the intricately designed pieces can be picked up a la carte or as a full costume kit. Just the stylish custom Alice character arm strap accessories, or the delicate lace & pleats tea party gloves on their own […]

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Marilyn Manson Releases Slo-Mo-Tion

- by in Headline, Music, Video

Marilyn Manson just release his latest video Slo-Mo-Tion off Born Villain, and although it’s certainly no Floria Sigismondi, it does manage to be stylish and convey a certain debaucherous and empty mood. The video as a whole really reminds me of parties I don’t go to anymore, I mean there is only so many times […]

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Ego Likeness Releases a Treacherous Thing

- by in Music, Video

Our friends Ego Likeness have just released a really beautifully creepy new video for ‘Treacherous Thing’ that is worth checking out. Kyle Cassidy captured a lot of the essence and mood of Ego Likeness that I enjoy so much. Donna Lynch looks and sounds fantastic and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Steven Archer sit […]

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Billy Corgan Speaks Out on Alex Jones Infowars

- by in Manifesto, Music, Video

Billy Corgan just gave a really interesting interview on Alex Jones’ Infowars show where he talked about the dissonance some people are experiencing as they face the societal illusions being propagated by current Government entities and mainstream media, versus their own intuitive interpretation of the world they live in. His new album is titled Oceania, […]

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The Sexbots Don’t Stop

- by in Music

I’ve been listening to the brand new full length release from Ilima Considine’s electronic project The Sexbots and really enjoying it a lot. It’s sort of catchy unpop kawaii nerdcore that makes a real personal connection with the listener. The breathlessly sweet Lolita vocals drip with an aching yearnfully lusty tone that can at times […]

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