Stephanie Berman Awarded Patent for Insemination Toy

We want to congratulate Stephanie Berman on finally being awarded a utility patent for the technology behind her innovative Semenette® technology. During the new and exciting SHE Sexual Health Expo, where Stephanie was a guest speaker, Amelia G and I got together with her to shoot some fun pictures of her latest Berman Innovations product, the POPDildo™ which incorporates her now patented ejaculating dildo design. The patent protects the toy and it’s replaceable pump and tubing system, which allows for the prevention of infection during the insemination process. In other words, this toy can be worn in a strap-on harness and it’s a perfect tool for safely squirting healthy semen, or whatever fluid you want, into (or onto) your partner, whenever you feel the moment is right. Let’s just say we left the hotel room pretty wet by the time we wrapped things up.

I first met Stephanie Berman during a mixed product demo at the widely respected Pleasure Chest Los Angeles location and immediately recognized that she was something special. Standing tall with a glowing smile and looking cool in her dapper vest, rolled up sleeves revealing an impressive collection of colorful tattoo work, Stephanie Berman was there to educate. She demonstrated her innovative Semenette® product, which she designed for the purpose of getting her wife pregnant in a much more natural intimate and private setting than had ever been available for lesbian partners before.

As Vice President and co-owner of Sepal Reproductive International, specializing in women’s reproductive health, Stephanie had direct experience developing products for home insemination and saw a need for something less clinical, which didn’t require doctor supervision, bureaucratic FDA approval, etc. She saw a need for something fun and intimate and effective. So, she set about creating it herself.

That is what I like most about Stepahie Berman. She saw a need for something personal, intimate, and important, and she put in an incredible amount of work to innovate a great solution. And now she and her wife have a beautiful daughter, who they created together on their own terms. I find that truly inspiring.

Since that first product demo, Stepahie Berman set about implementing even more design improvements, based on experience and customer feedback, and in November of 2015 she released the POPDildo™, in partnership with Fun Factory. Kristen Tribby, Fun Factory’s Director of Marketing and Education comments “We’re delighted to be able to provide customers with a product that’s both a tool for conception and an exceptional toy…Sexual health is very important to us – after-all, we’ve been making medical grade silicone toys for twenty years”

So, whether you are trying to conceive in the most personally intimate way possible, or you just love playing with colorful fun squirty toys, Berman Innovations has you covered.


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