Crystal Delights – Spiders, Sugar Skulls, Dilators

One of the highlights of the recent Sexual Health Expo was meeting Shellie, the head honcho of Crystal Delights, so I wanted to spotlight them a bit more here. Crystal Delights makes a variety of really beautiful toys and medical devices. Gothic aficionados will especially appreciate that their work includes gorgeous dildos and butt plugs with embedded spiders or sugar skulls, some of them quite ornate. Cosplayers will appreciate their very wide range of animal tail plugs, in every color of the rainbow, both natural and faux. Their designs also feature a lot of neon raver glow under black light goodness. Some items even have bits of collectible vintage glass embedded in them. Crystal Delights won the XBiz Award for Nonpowered Pleasure Product of the Year.

Those of you in your twenties can stop reading here and just check out the aesthetics of Crystal Delights. Those of you in your forties or older should read on. For some reason, in elementary school and junior high and high school, American education feels compelled to tell us about our bodies at least yearly, even after we are old enough to have passed puberty and have first hand experience of what those changes involve. Culturally, we are a lot more silent on changes that can happen later on, after pregnancy or from simple aging. An issue many women face, as they age, is that it gets more challenging to insert things vaginally. This is particularly frustrating if you have one or more partners with big dicks.

Now that I’m sure I have horrified any younger folks still reading, I’m happy to share that one of the techniques for addressing this issue is called dilation. It is fundamentally a workout for your vag, intended to keep it doable. Crystal Delights has partnered with vagina expert Dr. Peter Pacik to create a line of glass dilators. They designed them to be shorter than standard dildos and dilators and hollow so they are lightweight, which allows them to be actually worn for extended time periods. Shellie tells me that they have found this means much faster results for women using them. Like all dilators, they come in a range of sizes from teeny to large and the idea is to start small and hopefully work your way up.

Also, super pretty work. Spiders. Cosplay RPG tails. Sugar skulls. Glowing. Shiny.


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