SHE Sexual Health Expo 2016

SHE, the Sexual Health Expo, just finished its second annual event. SHE focuses on a sex-positive educational approach to, ya know, sex and human sexuality in general. This year, The Pleasure Chest was the premier sex ed sponsor of the show and addend their extensive workshop expertise to the event. Pleasure Chest has been around for decades and, if you are sexually adventuresome and you live in Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, you probably know that The Pleasure Chest hosts regular sexual education workshops at their store locations for people interested in exploring a wide range of topics, from tantric breathing to polyamory to pegging and strap-ons, and so much more.

A really cool thing about SHE was having such a large selection of quality workshops all in the same place for a two day period, bringing the synergy of top level experienced sex educators, bloggers, radio personalities, authors and toy makers together to talk candidly about things we too often don’t get the opportunity to discuss out in the open. A few standout examples of the talks available included Dr. Hernando Chaves suggesting exploring sensuality beyond the obvious, Stephanie Berman explaining bonus uses (beyond orgasm) of her innovative Semenette toy, Koko talking creative roleplay, and Rachel Kramer Bussel giving a seminar on Erotica Writing 101.

One of the real highlights of the weekend was Emily Morse broadcasting her popular Sex With Emily podcast live from the show floor. She got Jennie Steinberg‘s insight on the range of ways people express love from physical to verbal to helpful, got into the nitty gritty with Dirty Lola of convincing your partner to open up a relationship, had a hot discussion with Mollena Williams about discovering your own fetishes, and had a humorous chat with Reid Mihalko about dating people who share your values. Each of these speakers also expanded on these topics in their own seminars.

In addition to sex-positive education, SHE offered a diverse variety of exhibitors. Some of the bigger exhibit booths were from We-Vibe, Tantus, Sybian, and Kama Sutra. Some of my other favorites were Orchid and Serpent with their varied leather-oriented selection, Chakrubs, who make gorgeous sex toys out of granite crystals and semi-rare stones to bring good energy into the bedroom, and Crystal Delights, who make beautiful glass, ranging from cosplay plugs to one-of-a-kind vintage decorations to innovative health devices. Apparently I have really specific aesthetics about what I’d like to put in my vagina and they involve things being good-looking and hard and shiny and translucent.

I’d love to see the show expand with a little more room for discussions showing more diversity of perspectives in the SHE speaker selection, and maybe more controversial panel discussions alongside the workshop tracks, but it was pretty amazingly awesome for only the second year doing it. The Sexual Health Expo has a nice casual atmosphere and a sex-positive vibe. I’m excited to see what they have in store for the SHE weekend next year.


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