What Sorts of Games do you Play

Different platforms lend themselves to different sorts of games and it’s interesting to me that the games I like on my phone tend to be different from what I enjoy on an iPad or on my computer. Obviously, the former tend to lean towards graphical puzzle games like Soda Crush, but on my actual computer I like fairly simple structural task oriented games. Something about the logical to-do list nature helps me concentrate on structuring my real life goals in hierarchical task chains. I used to enjoy playing WoW, back when it was much less intensive and I didn’t feel like I needed a super-computer to run it while getting anything else done at the same time.

So, these days, I pick up little sort of stats based nearly textual games I can get into while still working in other windows. I like something I can make a few moves in while a Photoshop batch process runs or files are uploading to a server. I used to play this weird arena combat game that I can’t think of the name of right now and lately I’ve been giving Immortal Day a shot. I like that it’s not bogglingly complicated, while still offering plenty of short things to do as you develop your character in a world of vampires and vampire hunters. Some of the tasks can be a bit repetitive, but on the whole, it’s a pleasant diversionary activity reminiscent of the good old days of after school computer clubs and strategic games meetups with all my dorky friends.

I can’t tell just yet whether Immortal Day gets much more complicated as the character I’m running gets to be a bigger fish in the pond, but for now, I’m enjoying exploring their little stats based universe.

Hybrid-1024x768 (1)


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