Banshee, A Fixer of Sorts, Season 3, Episode 3

I guess Nola Longshadow won’t be a problem for Chayton Littlestone. Which is too bad, not because I want her to be a problem for Chayton, but because I liked her character. The scene where she and Job pass each other in the parking lot and compliment each other’s outfits is one of my favorites in the Banshee series. Nola certainly is hard to kill. Clay Burton is a very capable killer, but he takes a lot of damage. Using the car ornament as a killing tool is one of the most over-the-top gruesome moments in the show. I won’t call it gratuitous because this sort of thing is sort of the point of Banshee. That would be like calling the threesome with Chayton last week gratuitous. Also, the car ornament only seems gruesome until the next scene where Kai’s new hospice nurse hire is super slowly stitching up Burton’s tomahawk wounds.

As a manager, Chayton seems to command a lot respect, but he needs to work on his authority. He tells his brother, Tommy Littlestone, that he is not ready to lead some kind of attack squad to mess with Kai Procter’s business. Chayton is totally correct, but, not only does Tommy not heed Chayton’s good advice, but he gets a whole brain trust together to go assault The Savoy strip club. Not only does this fail horribly and end in death, but they interrupt Platinum giving Brock some high quality life coaching.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Job and Sugar are actually staying on task. They dress up in office drag and go steal ID card codes, bantering and looking sharp, as they succeed.

I so deeply want a truck like Brantley’s. I don’t have access to a giant unconvincing fat suit, like Shuler Hensley, who seems to get cast in things like this and Van Helsing where they want to cover him with prosthetics. So I fit in a seat and everything. But how awesome would it be to have a portable living room and office, complete with full bar?! While folks into electricity play would undoubtedly enjoy those electro metal gauntlet accessories, the main tech I’d want would be really good internet connectivity. Maybe a dish of some sort on the roof of the truck? I wonder how comfortable a sofa inside a truck trailer would really be. Now that I think about it, I’d like it to be a food truck. How does somebody as implausibly obese as the Brantley character not have a kitchen on his truck? I’d like my decor to be mostly black, with red and purple and metal accents. Moon door is optional.

Lucas’s secret is threatened when he’s arrested by FBI Special Agent Robert Phillips, but both men end up at the mercy of Raymond Brantley, a mob kingpin with a deadly mobile agenda. Against Chayton’s orders, Tommy Littlestone spearheads a second strike against Proctor at a local gentlemen’s club. A revenge-minded Nola Longshadow mixes it up with Burton at Proctor’s mansion


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