Banshee, Snakes and Whatnot, Season 3, Episode 2

Banshee is keeping up the momentum in the second episode this season. Carrie stops boning the Colonel, but Sheriff “Lucas Hood” is pissy that she slept with him at all. Exes.

Chayton tells Nola to stay out of his way, but I sincerely doubt that is going to work out for him. Almost nobody on this show gets what they request, no matter how much muscle they have to back up their request. Unless the request is super stupid. Like Gordon asking “Lucas Hood” to stay away from his daughter. (Biologically Hood’s, but lifewise Gordon’s.) Deva is quite reasonably pissy about Hood changing his tune in how he treats her. Naturally, because Kai is the only dude on this show who explains things to chicks, Hood doesn’t explain himself to Deva. He just looks tortured. Fortunately, he gets to work that stress out picking fights shortly thereafter.

It is my opinion that both Kai Proctor and his drug lord pal are terrible managers. Unless they wanted to have a shootout. If that was the goal, they rocked it. Where exactly does Rebecca Bowman keep that firearm in her teeny little white dress?

Chayton underestimates Kai’s crew as well. He is going to need a lot more than two low level gangsters to take them out. Burton does a fine job of kicking Redbone ass, after carefully removing his glasses. Stylish.

Most importantly, Chayton Littlestone has ritual blood magic threeway sex with two Native American hotties. And it is a loooooooooooooooooong scene. Unfortunately, intercut with horrible stuff, but Banshee does that sometimes.

As Lucas and Carrie case the tunnels under Camp Genoa, Proctor and Rebecca find themselves in a territorial faceoff with two rival drug suppliers and, later, are threatened by a pair of Chayton’s thugs. Lucas and new deputy Billy Raven pay a visit to a decidedly unfriendly Kinaho bar. Carrie tries to end a relationship with Colonel Douglas Stowe.


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