Banshee, The Fire Trials, Season 3, Episode 1

Badassery, explosions, cool characters, and lots of sex and scenery chewing. Banshee is just so much fun. It is unabashedly over-the-top, while actually being a thoughtful study of both not quite fitting in and the nature of warriors.

The season 3 premiere aptly opens with a car crash, followed briskly by the execution of the racist dick who shot the likable Deputy Emmett Yawners and his wife, at the end of last season. The two police officers who did the executing, along with Sheriff “Lucas Hood” are somewhat perturbed by how unshaken he is by the experience.

Little punky Deva sneaks out to hang with friends and is the ringleader in breaking into a head shop. The take is a few pipes and $37, but newly-no-longer-secret daddy Hood is the officer who shows up on the scene and he takes Deva home and lets her friends go. Much to the bafflement of her unsavory pals. Before taking Deva home, daddy tells breaks down for her what her B&E errors were. Much to her bafflement.

Rebecca Bowman is just fine with letting creepy Kai Proctor henchman Burton see that she is banging Kai. I wouldn’t bet that Burton lives through this season because Rebecca is a dangerous foe. Chayton, having escaped police custody, comes back, wins a ritual physical battle for leadership of the Red Bones, and comes to tell Rebecca he is coming for her. It seems like it would have been more strategically sound to just off her then, if he felt she was the triggerman in the Longshadow shooting (which she was.) But Chayton appears to like battle more than he feels that strategy can actually help him win. My money is on Nola being as big a danger to Chayton as Rebecca. I think he sees the guys as opponents in a different way and that will be his downfall.

The scene, where Chayton leads the Red Bones in hijacking a military cargo of contraband weapons, is larger than life in the perfect pitch way that Banshee manages to hit. Tattooed Native American badass with a bow takes out military convoy. I’m just going to say it straight: Chayton is hot. A true believer with a mohawk.

So, Hood goes to interview the Colonel at the about-to-be-decommissioned base, from whence the hijacked guns came. Hood realizes this would be a great target for a heist. The audience realizes that Carrie has been banging the Colonel.

Job causes some explosions and is convinced to come back to town. It is not his best outfit ever, but I appreciate the attention to detail on his leopard spotted hairdo. Scenery chewing ensues.

Season Three Premiere. Lucas, Brock and Siobhan exact payback on a skinhead. Carrie faces new challenges in the wake of her revelation to Gordon and Deva. After Alex Longshadow’s death, a new threat looms: Kinaho renegade Chayton Littlestone. Investigating the murder of four Marines, Lucas eyes the possibility of a huge if dangerous heist.


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