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Magazine Central: BLT, Blue Blood, Boing Boing & High Times in SPIN

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As I’ve been working on pulling everything for the BLT Punk Humor Book 25 Year Black Leather Times Zine Omnibus, I’ve been finding all sorts of odd surprisingly non-ephemeral ephemera from the past. Below you will see an advert which ran in SPIN magazine approximately a zillion years ago. The ad is for both BLT […]

Best Alcohol Quotes Repeal Day 2012

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To celebrate Repeal Day 2012, we have a SFW sample photo gallery of beautiful deathrocker Razor Candi tippling Absolut vodka. I assume that the booze industry made up Repeal Day some time in the past few years. I first saw it in a Dewar’s advertisement, but I admit that I think celebrating the end of […]

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George Lucas Sells to Disney – This explains EVERYTHING about Star Wars

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When the Jar Jar Binks movie came out, like a lot of Star Wars fans, I was baffled. Darth Vader re-imagined as an unpleasantly cute kid? Everything looking so sterile? Special effects which were less than convincing? I confess that seeing Star Wars as a small child was a watershed moment in my life. I’m […]

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Samsung Corporate Performance Art

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In an act of corporate performance art this week, Samsung started paying Apple their billion dollars with thirty trucks full of coins. Zurmat reports that the trucks carried nickels, but the photo illustration suggests pennies. To paraphrase Skylar from the season finale of Breaking Bad, I have no earthly idea what a billion dollars looks […]

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About Piratz Tavern or Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue on Spike is a Bigot

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Years ago, when I lived in the DC burbs, Dennys was sued for discriminating against black customers. The Dennys near where I lived, the one the local punks used to get abused at, was named specifically in the suit because they had been evil about seating a couple of black Secret Service agents. Dennys lost, […]

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Are Mega-Corps Discriminating Against Gothic Sites?

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Today, dark fashion and beauty site Gothic.org posted Trend Micro Hates Goths. It appears that Trend Micro, through its Site Safety product, is unreasonably discriminating against gothic culture sites. Trend Micro’s Site Safety is yet another entry in the anti-malware and social control product set. Most companies use some sort of software which tracks where […]

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Seeking Dothraki Wedding Planner or Swords and Sorcery Writer (Paying Market)

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BlueBlood.net is looking for a fantasy expert to write about season 2 of Game of Thrones. BlueBlood.net is seeking someone who has access to HBO and is planning on watching the show and would like to write up each episode as it airs. Writer in New York time zone preferred. WordPress and/or Photoshop experience a […]

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Spooky Athena Hollow

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I always like working with people who do more than one thing. I will pick multifaceted hotness over just-ad-model every day of the week. Athena Hollow, among other things, does affiliate site promo. The SpookyCash affiliate program pays people like Athena Hollow for sending members to Gothic Sluts, Erotic Fandom, Barely Evil, Erotic BPM, the […]

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Fright Night Ax Swag

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The Alamo Drafthouse is showing special advance screenings of the Fright Night reboot. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to event swag, but I’m impressed and amused by toy axes as a giveaway for a horror movie. Tuesday, August 16th 7:30PM Alamo S. Lamar When you think about it, the […]

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IMATS Makeup Trade Show

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It is no secret that I love trade shows. Doesn’t matter whether I am actually particularly working in a specific industry, I just enjoy the sense of productivity and expertise and people trying to do whatever they do well. I like tools a lot. (Tools as in instruments to accomplish things, not guys who order […]

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