Google Apparently Wants to be the Taliban

Google apparently wants to be the Taliban, or headed that way anyway. It knows best what’s…

420 California Girls

I live in the heart of Hollywood and there is tons of commercial space for rent…

Wax Trax Documentary and T-shirts

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I’ve been so overwhelmed with work for the BLT Kickstarter that I almost forgot to mention that I backed the Wax Trax Kickstarter almost a month ago. There are only 5 hours left in the Wax Trax project’s funding, so get over there right now and check it out. The… read more» Nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche

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I am super duper excited to share that is nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche in the XBiz Awards! celebrates the darkly seductive style of those pale skinned beauties you find in dark smoky nightclubs with good music, in dominatrix dungeons, at cemetery picnics, and… read more»

Blue Blood Exhibiting at HorrorCon Right Now

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gothic, horrorcon, horror, blue blood, california deathrock, backstage passes, goth… read more»

Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 50: Mother’s Mercy, or I’m Glad the End of the World is Working Out Well for Someone

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If our editor is set in her opinion and unwavering, this is my last recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I understand her revulsion and unwillingness to be a part of the media machinery that makes this show culturally relevant. And I’m not staying up past midnight slapping my Chromebook… read more»

XBiz Awards 2016

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So the week kicked off with the Cybersocket Awards, then the serious business of the XBiz Show convention, the Winter Wonderland party at the XBiz show, and then everything was topped off with the XBiz awards where was nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche. A lot… read more»


Things Could Be Worse

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The folks from Calamity Ware are doing their 10th Kickstarter. Artist Don Moyer is known for making traditional white China with a blue glaze and outlandish designs. I kinda love that, at first glance, the items are traditional and wholesome.… read more»

Jumbo BLT T-Shirt Designs

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Yay! We’ve got a whole bunch of potential T-shirt designs ready to go. BLT‘s wonderful kind backers will be the ones to decide which ones we actually produce. The plan is to make a minimum of 3 of these designs,… read more»

BLT T-shirt Designs

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I’ve just added some new BLT t-shirt designs to the BLT Zine Omnibus Kickstarter page. We’re probably going to need to get supporter feedback on which ones people want most. I have a bunch more designs to complete, but I… read more»

National Ice Cream Day is a Real Thing

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I hope you all ate ice cream today. I had two different kinds of ice cream. I ate both the Royal Vanilla and the Hemp Date Nut from Omega Creamery. They were both unbelievably delicious and, even with central air… read more»


BLT at EveCon

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It is going to be all Throwback Thursday in here all month. Here is a baby picture of me and Forrest Black exhibiting at one of Bruce Evry’s Fantek science fiction conventions in the 1990’s. You can just see part… read more»

La Luz California Deathrock Party Pics

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Forrest Black and I are so happy with how the California Deathrock party at La Luz went. Blue Blood funded the production of the book via Kickstarter, so it was initially only available to backers of the Kickstarter and people… read more»

Convergence 21 Hollywood Dead Stars

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Blue Blood exhibited at Convergence this past weekend. Convergence is a convention of net goths which has been going on since gothic folks first found usenet. Each year, people vote on what city to have the con in. This was… read more»

Free Stream Dating On Set Porn Comedy Season 1

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Dating on Set is a comedy project from Laura D and her partner in crime Josh Accardo. You can see the first season in the episodes below. I think ep 5 is the most laugh out loud funny. If they… read more»

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