Convergence 21 Hollywood Dead Stars

Blue Blood exhibited at Convergence this past weekend. Convergence is a convention of net goths which has been going on since gothic folks first found usenet. Each year, people vote on what city to have the con in. This was Convergence 21. It was themed Hollywood Dead Stars and it was held in Los Angeles, California. So it was very convenient for me. The newest thing we were showcasing at the show is our California Deathrock book. (We’re doing a book signing party for the book this weekend at the world famous La Luz de Jesus art gallery tomorrow from 7pm to 8pm as well, but I should probably write a separate article about that.) It is always so rewarding to get to see people looking at our work in person and we got to meet folks from as far away as Mexico City.

Forrest Black and I also really enjoyed getting to run into a bunch of cool people we haven’t seen in ages — including Thin Man, William Faith, Jenn Bats, Dave Bats, Dinah Cancer, Benn Ra, Gwen from Sighco, and more. We came home with awesome swag from the convention. I especially love our new T-shirts from Sighco and new oven mitt and beautifully detailed closing tote bag with iPad pocket from Working Class Punx.

We have a whole lot of snapshots in the photo gallery below to give you all an overview of the high points of the Convergence goth weekend.


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