Release the Bats Nine Year Anniversary

Dave Bats and Jenn BatsAs I mentioned earlier, Blue Blood has been doing a number of media sponsorships as we move into our fifteenth year and Blue Blood was the media sponsor for the Release the Bats Nine Year Anniversary. It was an amazing evening.

Dave and Jenn Bats were the hosts with the most. DJ Shane Taleda, of Element and STG fame, celebrated his birthday. The band Fangs on Fur did their deathrock meets Burning Man performance. And a good time was had by all.

Luminaries in attendance included Forrest Black, Dahlia Dark, Domiana aka Vita Voodoo, Michelle Aston, Thistle Harlequin, Eva O, Kettle Cadaver, Dave Grave of Frankenstein, and of course yours truly and many many more.

So, of course, Forrest Black and I shot a ton of artistic portraits of a bunch of the fiends who came out to help celebrate. You can see photo galleries at the following links:

**Release the Bats Nine Year Anniversary
Deathrock Photo Gallery #1
by Forrest Black & Amelia G

**Release the Bats Nine Year Anniversary
Deathrock Photo Gallery #2 Extended Remix
by Forrest Black & Amelia G


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