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Malicious Creatures Site Live

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The always stylish Malice McMunn launched her Malicious Creatures clothing line this past holiday season at Forgotten Saints. (I should find the snapshots from the fashion line launch party.) For those not in Los Angeles, though, there is now a Malicious Creatures web site! I proudly wear a couple of the T-shirts and Forrest Black […]

Convergence 21 Hollywood Dead Stars

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Blue Blood exhibited at Convergence this past weekend. Convergence is a convention of net goths which has been going on since gothic folks first found usenet. Each year, people vote on what city to have the con in. This was Convergence 21. It was themed Hollywood Dead Stars and it was held in Los Angeles, […]

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Alexandria Still Burns: Librarians & the Fight for Knowledge

- by in Books, Headline

I like Kyle Cassidy‘s work because he has a good eye for subculture. There is a journalistic aspect to his work, combined with an aesthetically pleasing approach. Kyle Cassidy delves into the social anthropology of cultural aspects which go unexplored by most. I think I first came across him on LiveJournal. (Raise your hand if […]

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Get Your Kicks Route 66 Book Exhibition

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Tonight you can Get Your Kicks on Route 66 on La Brea in Los Angeles. Nate “Igor” Smith, of Driven by Boredom fame, is doing a huge gallery show in the Mishka store at 128 S La Brea Ave from 7pm to 10pm Pacific. The exhibition is to celebrate the release of Igor’s book Get […]

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Tucker Max, Pink, Mosh, Threesome, The Time of Someone Else’s Life

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Last night, I finished reading Tucker Max’s most recent book Hilarity Ensues. I also read his Assholes Finish First, but I didn’t bother reviewing it here at the time. Nor did I mention the fast-forwardable movie based on his first book. I am on record for thinking Tucker Max’s first book I Hope They Serve […]

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Davey Suicide – Generation F*ckstar Video directed by Chad Michael Ward

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The talented Chad Michael Ward directed the just-released video for Generation Fuckstar, the new single from Davey Suicide. Davey Suicide’s band includes Frankie Sil on bass, Ben Graves drumming, Needlz on keyboards, and extra-fabulous Eric Griffin on guitar. The dreadlocked and tattooed singer says, “Generation Fuck Star is about breaking the mold, doing what you […]

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We Just Want a Little Meat Without Your Bible

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Sometimes you don’t know how badly the world needs something, until that thing arrives. To wit, a video starring fabulous drag queens Willam Belli, Detox, and Vicky Vox singing Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A). Which features entertaining outfits, shots of my neighborhood, hot tubbing with hot gay boys, and of course snowballing bits of Chick-Fil-A. Crossdresser […]

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Richard Kadrey Says Aloha from Hell

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Blue Blood readers may have come across Richard Kadrey first as a photographer, with his Blue Blood VIP work of Stephy Slaughter and Soma Stardust. I came across his creative work first reading his cyberpunk novel Metrophage. Aloha from Hell, the newest book in his Sandman Slim series is about to come out and I […]

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Dinosaurs in Los Angeles

- by in Art, Oddities, Video

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has all sorts of new stuff in the new Dinosaur Hall. I used to love the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History in New York as a kid, so I’m very excited to check out this new exhibit. Their Tyrannosaurus Rex was incredible. I assume […]

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IMATS Makeup Trade Show

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It is no secret that I love trade shows. Doesn’t matter whether I am actually particularly working in a specific industry, I just enjoy the sense of productivity and expertise and people trying to do whatever they do well. I like tools a lot. (Tools as in instruments to accomplish things, not guys who order […]

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