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Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Eye Patch Edition

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So, while I love to travel and I abhor conventional behavior for conformity’s sake, I never really went through a pirate phase. Just never really liked the idea of people who take stuff that doesn’t belong to them, as a way of life. Pirates basically have stealing, not as something they did once or even […]

Convergence 21 Hollywood Dead Stars

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Blue Blood exhibited at Convergence this past weekend. Convergence is a convention of net goths which has been going on since gothic folks first found usenet. Each year, people vote on what city to have the con in. This was Convergence 21. It was themed Hollywood Dead Stars and it was held in Los Angeles, […]

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 41, The Wars to Come or What Fresh Hell is This?

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Slosh out the Dornish and drop your linen, it’s time for season 5 of Game of Thrones. This is the season we run out of book, so I will be retiring the NITB designation. NITB is the new normal folks. Embrace it. We open with a pair of tween girls being disobedient in the woods, […]

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June Show at La Luz De Jesus Art Gallery

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After a surreal day of attending first the Bay Pay Forum on the future of banking and digital currencies, following by a private Wells Fargo event at the Beverly Wilshire, I felt like I could finally exhale and relax when Forrest Black and I arrived at the gallery opening for the art showing at La […]

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London Calling

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Every year, I promise myself I am going to get to a zillion conventions. I loooooooooove tradeshows. I have not been getting my full fix since the economy tanked, but I swear I am going to London Edge in 2015. This year, the show takes place February 2 to 4. If any of you all […]

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Electrogoth Adorabat Suck My Candy Cane Tutorial

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This festive holiday post is via Gothic.Org Adorabat Candy Cane Eyebrows Makeup Tutorial. It appears that Adorabat regularly posts what she calls electrogoth makeup tips and tutorials. In this Xmas eyebrows tutorial, Adorabat, not only teaches you what to use and how to use it to achieve this look, but she suggests going up to […]

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Aesthetic Perfection – A Nice Place to Visit

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Aesthetic Perfection? Yes, that sounds about right. Deep in the underground of rusty machinery, dim lighting, and shadow dancers is Daniel Graves shrieking tales of twisted romance in “A Nice Place to Visit,” a composition of manic, punishing electro that screeches and churns with all the precision of a boiler on the brink of eruption. […]

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World Goth Day Babes

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Reading Gothic.org just reminded me that today is World Goth Day. Pride yo. Here are a few beautiful goth babes from Gothic Sluts to honor the holiday.

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Cam Girls and Sex Clowns at Exxxotica

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Sometimes the cyberpunk promise of the internet really comes true. A few years ago, people were still laughing about how science fiction had prophesied video phones, only of course nobody wants to be on video while they are talking. Today, all my more corporate friends skype and most of my more naked friends cam. Go […]

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Snuttock and Creepy Dolls

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It is always nice to see creative projects which embrace multiple media. Goth-industrial musician Bryan Lee of Snuttock works with a creepy recurring visual motif of antique dolls. See the photo of the artist below by Blue Flame Photography. Also check out the video by Laurie A. Smith for Snuttock’s Catharsis.

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