La Luz California Deathrock Party Pics

Forrest Black and I are so happy with how the California Deathrock party at La Luz went. Blue Blood funded the production of the book via Kickstarter, so it was initially only available to backers of the Kickstarter and people actually in the book. To celebrate the launch of the book to the general public via select booksellers, the La Luz de Jesus art gallery was kind enough to throw us a shindig. Thank you so so much to Matt Kennedy for making this possible. I knew that quarter century of friendship would pay off ;-p Thank you to La Luz’s Billy Shire, Sherry, Mya, Lydia, and Shawn for your hospitality and making us feel so welcome. I want to extend an extra huge thank you to Thin Man and Lee Joseph for helping round folks up for the event and to rockstar The Elvorian for bringing not only her deathrock cred, but bringing the double down on fun and a barrel of extra signing pens for everyone.

This was no ordinary book signing party because there was (a) beer and (b) so many of the people in the book were present that it turned into a happening almost like signing yearbooks at the end of school. Goodies for those in attendance included free Blue Blood pins, free Blue Blood stickers, free Release the Bats stickers, and (as aforementioned) free beer. Other luminaries in attendance included Shane Talada, Jeska Faye, Alley Shiver, Agent Aeon, DJ Thee Gabe, Malice McMunn, Rick Wilder from the Mau Maus, Jenn Bats, Dave Bats, photographer Robert Nelson, Xochitl, Kevin Shaw, author Nathan Long, illustrator Lili Chin, DJ Ralphie Nigma, director Ramzi Abed, and more. Thanks so so much to everybody for coming out and making it a special night!

Before the event, Liz Ohanesian wrote for the LA Weekly: “The portraits in this Kickstarter-funded tome capture more than spiked hair and elaborate makeup. They show the joy in a scene that’s often associated with doom.” After the event, Jay Moyes at Fetish Artist did a very complete write up of the event, describing the book: “There’s a lot of studs, corsets, fishnet, wild hair and eye makeup … worthy of any coffee table … 172 great photos of surprisingly colorful people into dark music.”

You can visit or Soap Plant to get your very own copy of this big hardcover of gothic punk portrait goodness.


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